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Moments Done YOUR Way

The Christmas season is in full swing now and I’m finally on board. It took me awhile to get in the spirit this year for some reason, but rehearsing some great Christmas music over the last few months, decorating the house, and trolling the cool shops in downtown Franklin got me in the mood! A […]

Wanna-Be or Wanna-Do?

I’ve been working a lot this past year with young artists – many through the artist development firm, Porter Consulting Group (PCG) here in Nashville.  A lot of these young artists are just getting started in their careers. In some cases they have only performed a song or two at a special event somewhere. Bernard […]

How Do I ‘Giraffe’ the Graph?

We hear it all the time. You’re playing a 2-hour club gig at Roger’s Rock Club. And you’ve seen Turn It Up to 11 (All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD #2) that explains how to put together your show based on a 45-minute set…what do you do now? Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music […]

Change Your Mindset; Rearrange Your Priorities!

A band I’ve worked with gave me a call a couple weeks ago to ask for help. They didn’t have a lot of time or a lot of money, so hiring me again for a day or even a half-day wasn’t going to work. But they had a pretty big upcoming show, and they knew […]

They Came, They Saw, They are Conquering!

Recently on my Facebook, two artists posted videos of their live performance. One of them had first purchased our DVD’s, then hired me and later Tom, to work with his band. The other artist heard Tom speak at Canadian Music Week, then attended one of our two-day events. It was really a pleasure seeing them […]

Rehearsal is the New Black

I’m not sure why some musicians think they should magically be able to conquer the stage without actually working on their show. Performing well requires working on and with some specific tools and skills – just like you would to master any other trade – and this can’t be side-stepped if you want a long […]

More Band for Your Buck

How would you like to play 3 concerts at the largest free festival in the USA? 100,000 people every day at this event. And then, how would you like to get rave reviews at the event, like “you’re my new favorite band!” Or how would you like to be a band who wins New Artist […]

Can You Showcase When It Counts?

Occasionally I get to see it…the finale…the end result…the ‘frosted cake’ if you will. But not very often. Most times I work for days with an artist on their set for an upcoming event or showcase; but typically Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson Productions, Amy Wolter brings her years onstage […]

Band Reilly Headlines European Festival

Congratulations to the band Reilly, who just closed a European tour by headlining at Heavenstage Festival in Zurich, Switzerland! I am really proud of this band for taking Tom’s Live Music Methods and going full throttle with them! Dan Huie, who plays lead guitar and violin for the band, says “Since we worked with Amy, […]

Confidence on Stage? Priceless.

I just sat on a panel with country artist JoDee Messina and regional rep for Shure microphones Ryan Smith, to judge the “Sing Your Heart Out” talent competition in Franklin, TN. Contestants from grade school through high school came from across the South to perform in front of us judges and a live audience. There […]