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Songwriting Sisters: Diamond Dixie

Diamond DixieDiamond Dixie is Gabriela (17) and Bianca (15) LeDuc. A country music duo from Central Florida, these sisters got started in music at a very early age.

It all started when their Dad played guitar to them at night as a bedtime routine instead of reading. And it wasn’t long before the girls were playing right along with him.

The timing was perfect, because a young Taylor Swift had just come on the music scene and Hannah Montana was all over the TV.

Soon Gabriela played her first talent show with her father singing Miley and Billy Rae Cyrus’ hit “Ready Set Don’t Go.” When Gabriela got off stage she looked at her Dad and said, “this is what I want to do.”

In a short time, both girls were playing at various types of gatherings, festivals and church events. Playing guitar wasn’t enough. They both began dabbling with other instruments, and soon Gabriela was playing mandolin and Bianca was picking the banjo.

Writing lyrics comes easily to the girls. Although they are just teenagers, they have written and collaborated with others on over 30 songs so far:

Smalltown Summertime by Diamond Dixie

The sisters were in Nashville recently to record some of their original music. They keep busy playing regularly, especially in their Florida region, and recently were on stage at a major festival in Port Canaveral, Florida.

I had the opportunity to meet Gabriela and Bianca at last year’s Tom Jackson Bootcamp in Nashville where they showcased a song for our judging panel. The girls won a Top Performer award — a 4-hour Live Music Producing session with Amy Wolter. Here’s a video of their performance:

Diamond Dixie told me that had a good time at Bootcamp. “We learned so much from Tom, and then working with Amy was an awesome experience,” they said. “We were able to take what we learned about angles and pivoting to help with our movement on stage.” What they learned in the information-packed weekend has already made a huge impact on their connection with audiences.

To see the judges’ critique and the makeover of their showcase, go to Diamond Dixie Makeover here — Backstage Pass required…

Make a connection with Gabriela and Bianca by checking out their website & upcoming shows here…

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