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Practical Steps to Take Before Your Rehearsals

Rehearsal RoomIf you want to build a house, what’s the first step to getting it done?

“Lay the foundation!”

Ehhhhnnnn… (the best spelling I can come up with for a buzzer sound)  — wrong answer.

I ask this question every time I teach my Live Music Method class. And inevitably the artists in the crowd get it wrong. You see, you can’t lay the foundation for a house unless you first have a blueprint and you know where you’re going to build. 

I can’t blame you if you got the answer wrong, because your focus was on… well, on building! But that’s exactly the #1 mistake we make as artists. Our focus is on the wrong thing (as far as building our live show). We focus on the music, the songwriting, the playing. 

Those aren’t bad things — and they are certainly needed in the right place at the right time — but that’s really “practicing music,” not “rehearsing a show.” Your rehearsals are probably not what I would call a rehearsal, because your focus is on practicing the music and getting it tight.

So what should your rehearsal focus on?

In this video I talk specifically about how you can take that first step (I call it “getting a vision”), and how you can apply that concept practically:

As I mention in the video, this is where it starts, and it feeds into the set list you’ll make based on what will best capture and engage your audiences. (It’s what I call “The Graph,” and I explain what it is and how to use it Backstage here on my website, on my DVDs, and in my book.) 

Are you tired of not getting enough gigs, not selling enough merch, not getting your audiences to be so crazy about you that the buzz they create makes you well known wherever you play? Then take the time to learn, study, practice, and use the skills necessary to make a difference in your career!

I want you to be a success, and I don’t even care about making a sale if I can help you out. So right now I’ll give you 30 days free access to my Backstage community. Back there, you can learn about The Graph, about creating moments, about exceeding your audience’s expectations, at no cost to you. Simply click here and use the Coupon Code PRACTICAL_STEPS for your first month of Backstage Pass FREE…

Tom Jackson

Tom is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist's live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping artists at every level create a live show that is engaging and memorable, teaching them to exceed their audiences' expectations and to create fans for life. Tom has taught indie and major artists of every genre. He has worked with Taylor Swift, Le Crae, Home Free, The Tenors, Shawn Mendes, The Band Perry, Francesca Battistelli, Jars of Clay, & many more. Tom also teaches at colleges, conferences and events worldwide.

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  1. Dear Mr Jackson, Thank you so much for the Freebie! Love your book & All Roads Lead To The Stage DVD Set. Looking forward to working one on one! God bless you & your team! Keep up the GREAT Work! Love what you do & l love to learn! 🙂 JD

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