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Artists Creating Justice: International vs. Local Aid

Boy in dirt in Dominican RepublicWant to enhance your artistry and give a unique meaning to your music?

Join Live Music Cares in partnering with 1 of our 7 charities to help create justice around the world through your live show. 

And, by the way… I didn’t say we expect you to do this for free! When you’re an Artist Advocate with Live Music Cares, everyone wins!

Recently, one of Live Music Care’s charity partners, Food for the Hungry, took multiple Artist Advocates to see their work first hand in the Dominican Republic. Our charities do this with the hope that by visiting the charity’s work firsthand, their advocates will be even better and more equipped when making an appeal at their live shows.

A couple of the people along for the ride on this latest trip were founder of Live Music Cares, Tom Jackson, and several of our Artist Advocates with Food for the Hungry, including Chuck Neighbors of Master’s Image.

After his return, Chuck mentioned how occasionally he gets push back from some people in his audience because our charities choose to focus most, if not all, their efforts in countries outside the US. Fans will say something like: “We have poor people in our country too, you know.”

After seeing poverty in the US and seeing poverty in the Dominican Republic, here’s what Chuck had to say about it: “We have poor and homeless in our country, but the homeless here have access to programs that provide a means to have their basic needs met. Food for the Hungry is seeking out the most vulnerable (people and places) who would not have any other help if it weren’t for the work that they do.”

As Chuck says, those who are extremely impoverished in other countries “don’t have the kind of hope and opportunities that the poorest of the poor in this country would have.”

Chuck and all the Artist Advocates for our charities know that the needs are great. Won’t you join them in the effort to bring justice? Click here for more information…

Kristen Seymour

Kristen is a born and raised “Austinite,” but just recently relocated from the Live Music Capital of the World to Music City, Nashville. With a bachelor’s degree in sociology, Kristen has a heart for fostering relationships between the musicians and non-profits who partner with Live Music Gives. After traveling to Ethiopia for a 6-week service trip, she has a deep desire and personal commitment to create justice for all children, everywhere.

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