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This is the first time I’m writing an article here at Onstage Success. That’s because I just started working for the Tom Jackson team a couple months ago.

As a recent graduate with a degree in sociology, I was excited when I was offered my position as Tour Support Manager for Tom’s Live Music Cares program. I believe it will allow me to help those suffering injustice in the world, and to impact the lives of musicians & their audiences.

Tour-Support(I promise, I’ll get to the part about the free download in a minute.)

Let me explain why doing this means so much to me… the following story was told to me by a friend I met last summer in Ethiopia:

Both of my parents died from AIDS, so my brother and I moved in with our aunt. We were overworked and not shown very much appreciation or love. I couldn’t stand the mistreatment of my brother so I ran away to find a better life in the city with the intention to come back for him. This better life meant living as a street kid… doing drugs to stay awake at night to protect myself, eating rotten food scraps that restaurants threw out, and begging adoption agencies to be accepted into an orphanage. They told me I was too old and no one would accept me.

By his smile, his laugh and his lighthearted demeanor, you would not suspect he had to endure such a harsh childhood. When I asked him what kept him going through these harsh conditions, he told me it was the thought of giving his brother a better life.

My friends in Ethiopia and stories like this have inspired me to commit my life to helping those affected by injustice.

Fortunately for us in the USA, we have an opportunity to help others without any struggle at all. Tom’s tour support program, explained at LiveMusicCares.com, provides you with the opportunity to enhance the lives of children. This happens when you make a simple appeal at your live show and ask your audience to sponsor a child.

Everyone benefits: the children and families touched by the sponsors’ generosity, the artists who are given financial support to continue their career and are given credibility in the eyes of anyone who would hire them to perform, and the audience participants who are impacted by sponsoring the children and who in many cases have an opportunity to connect with their sponsored child on a personal level.

I believe deeply in the merits of the LiveMusicCares.com program. But it is very difficult, in writing, to convey the emotional impact of participating.

This brings me to our contest!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to LiveMusicCares.com and count how many charities we are currently working with — simply click here and look at the “Charities” tab…
  • Write that number in the comments below, along with your answer to this question… “What would be the best part about advocating during your live show for those suffering from injustice?” (We are looking for an answer to this question that will inspire and touch other artists like you.)

Everyone who comments with those 2 things (the number of charities, & the answer to the question) will receive a FREE ebook from Tom, Income Strategies that Work!

Not only that, but crafting a great inspiring answer may cause you to be chosen Grand Prize Winner — if you are, you’ll receive a FREE download of Tom’s All Roads Lead to the Stage 7-DVD set!! (a $385 value)

Ebooks will be sent & Grand Prize Winner chosen on January 31, 2015.

Kristen Seymour

Kristen is a born and raised “Austinite,” but just recently relocated from the Live Music Capital of the World to Music City, Nashville. With a bachelor’s degree in sociology, Kristen has a heart for fostering relationships between the musicians and non-profits who partner with Live Music Gives. After traveling to Ethiopia for a 6-week service trip, she has a deep desire and personal commitment to create justice for all children, everywhere.

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Greenroom Comments

  1. 7 Charities.

    It sounds really vague, but… the world can be a pretty nasty place. We’ve got well meaning people unconsciously wasting food while others starve. People die everyday in droves from curable deceases. Slavery, and human trafficking is at an all-time high. Battery farming… and the list just goes on and on.

    Sometimes the trouble is not people’s desire for the world to be better, it’s that we’ve lost hope that it can be, and we don’t see our input making a difference. We’re tired, jaded, and bombarded with bad news on a daily basis.

    I am really in support of what you are doing here. My band (Decomposing In Paris) contributes to Anti-Human Trafficking charities… and hosts gigs as fundraisers to that effect – with ticket sales going to the cause. We focus on the positives as much as we can on the night. Rather than tell people about the sad realty and the seemingly hopeless percentages, we celebrate those that have been released… because on some lesser level, we can all empathise with the desire to escape. That way, when people give, we can all come back and have another party in future, and do it all again… and they bring their friends.

    Give people hope, give them some good news and a reason to celebrate, and give them the opportunity to be a part of it. If you can change someone’s perspective, you’ll both be amazed at what they are capable of.

    Garvin Clements
    Decomposing In Paris

    Disclaimer – This is not a claim that all of our performances give all of the ticket sales to charity, simply those advertised as such.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Hi Garvin,
      great thoughts, thanks for sharing! I’m really happy to hear that you focus on the positives, instead of the negative. I actually just read an article the other day that talked about doing just that. I understand that you’ve inquired with Live Music Cares before but you play out of the country quite a bit. Keep in mind that if you’re playing 20-25 shows a year in the US, we’d love for you to be an advocate for one of our charities!

      • Hi Kristen,

        We did enquire with Live Music Cares a few years ago (before touring the USA)… but even though Becca (front-woman) is a Kentuckian, we are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. So unfortunately we’re not really eligible at the moment. Perhaps sometime in the future.

        The positive focus works, and it has helped our show… where scary, sobering statistics about human trafficking did not 😉

        Thank you very much for your message!

        My Best,

  2. I counted 7.
    To me the best part would be knowing that I could use the platform God has given me to not only share music and experiences with my fans, but to inspire others to leave a lasting legacy in the world. We may not be able to help everyone but we can each help one, and together, we can change the course of history for countless generations.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Awesome thoughts! Thanks Shauna… It’s like Mother Teresa’s quote- “If you can’t feed a hundred people, the just feed one.”

  3. 7 Charities! Talking about a charity you support and believe in from the stage can have many benefits, really a win win, for the artist, the fans, and whomever the charity is benefiting. Raising awareness to an issue that’s near and dear to your heart is a great tie into to one of your songs, which will in turn create a moment during your set if you put it in the right spot–especially talking about a charity at a show on the local artist level brings something different and unique to your set. Most local shows I go to never have something like that. It’s all about me me me, and maybe the other band you with whom you booked the show. I think people would be shocked and curious to listen if you talked about a charity and reasons why you believed in it from stage. Of course it would have to be done right, or it might come off like a used car salesman or pretentious, but I’m sure you guys here have a method for that! 😉 I imagine the more personal and vulnerable you are, the more effective you’d be in reaching your audience.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Josh, you nailed it! We actually just added a 7th charity to the mix after this blog was published. It’s called Davar Partners Int’l. Tom uses the words “win win” ALL of the time for this instance and it is so true. We do have a method for helping artists with their appeal and it is through training videos on Tom’s Backstage Access. Tom also has phone conferences with artists to encourage them and help them out with their appeal. You are absolutely right- the more personal it is, the more effective the appeal will be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I counted 6 too!

    People are there to enjoy the music and if in the process you can touch them in some way to remind them of what is going on in the world and advocate about this during your live show then you may be able to strike a chord in them and they may want to give something to help those suffering from injustice.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Absolutely, Maria! Thanks for reaching out. And truly, the charities speak for themselves. They each have such beautiful causes that when presented with authenticity, will touch the hearts of those who are willing to listen.

  5. 6 Charities.

    I think by promoting one of these charities at a concert helps make the concert something bigger than just supporting the artist. It gives the artist a cause to help promote and to also help other people around the world who may not be able to support themselves on their own. An artist may have a heart for a certain charity, but maybe not the funds support all those in need from that charity. By promoting one of these charities, the artist can even help more people than they could on their own.

  6. 6 Charities. Great presentation and conceptual design, a model that enlists support and then gives it back using the energy that’s already mostly in place, and (literally!) in play… The best part about advocating would be awakening people to the the real possibility that exists, in changing, impacting and contributing to the world through the resources we have and that we take for granted, and which have so much power and value when we express our gratitude for them, and use them.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Thanks for sharing, Anton! The beauty of being an artist advocate is not changing your show and it’s not “selling something” because neither of those are required… the beauty is (exactly like you said) using the energy that’s already in place- the music- to present an opportunity to help others.

  7. Chris Deci says:

    6 Charities

    Who am I but one small voice. It’s the feeling that all the work I do as an indie artist is lost once the wind blows. So much of my time seems wasted with little more than a few CDs sold and some gig money in my pocket. However, I am reminded in Galatians 2:9 To remember the poor. Not to just remember,but to help and serve the poor. It is an amazing feeling to take a moment out of my music ministry and remember the poor and to make those present, aware of the world we are living in. Perhaps even changing how they see those in need in a different light. It is one of my favorite parts of our set. As I said, I am just one small voice, but just image if a million small voices all spoke at the same time how loud that voice could be! LiveMusicCares.com is a way we can all take our small voices and together make a difference.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Love this! Thanks for sharing, Chris. We have more ways to help people across the world than ever before. We are our greatest limitation.

  8. These 6 charities (and many more to come)…Cool!

    Artists working with good causes…wow!

    People may forget that Art is what inspired the Renaissance and has been a part of and leading the world to betterness day in and day out forever!

    This is just plain awesome!

    No matter what anyone may say…this is what changes the world and is every day!

    That’s why we’re here isn’t it to make the world more beautiful! Well, let’s do it!

    Thanks for what you all do!

  9. 6 Charities

    We talk a lot about loving other people… But how many people are willing to actually do something?
    There are people suffering, people hurting, people dying, and we have a chance to make a differance. To reach out our arms to the least of these, and lift them up. To being hope. And to do it in the most awesome way. With music.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hunter. Such a unique opportunity to combine passion for music and compassion for people!

  10. You work with 6 charities. For my day job, I am a vocational teacher in one of the poorest cities in the country at one of the poorest functioning public high schools in the country. Somehow, God has given me a heart full of love for these students who are in such need of hope, and they don’t even know it. Now, music has been an important part of the life that my wife and I share together and we value it greatly. But, in my mind, the music is second to the work that is done day in and day out, moment by moment. As a teacher, I get that. So when I heard about the idea of using our music to support that work, I contacted you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Ben, I salute you! I worked as a substitute teacher at some of the poorest schools in Austin and by saying it was extremely hard is an understatement. I already know you must have a huge heart and a lot of patience. We look forward to working with you as well!

  11. It would be incredible to use the privilege of doing what I love as a chance to help others to the NECESSITY of basic human rights… The 6 charities mentioned do great work and I’d be happy to support that

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Akara! We easily forget how many people lack access to the basic necessities of life when they are not in sight…. we definitely need more advocates to constantly remind us of how real injustice is all around the world (even when we can’t see it).

  12. 6- The best part of advocating for those who suffer from injustice would be the crowd response and the re-tweets and social media response that we get and to see the outcome and the growth from show to show.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      It would be awesome to see the audience sharing with even more people through social media the opportunity to help others! Thanks for reaching out, Dustin.

  13. Brad Lebakken says:

    6 charities. I would give my personal story about how my wife and I sponsor two children already and how we get letters from our children. Those letters let us know how much our children’s lives have been changed and we are blessed by that.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Appeals are so effective when artists use personal stories. Great idea, Brad. Thanks for reaching out!

  14. Live Music Cares currently advocates for 6 charities.

    Being a performer is more than an opportunity to be seen and heard for your music, it is a chance to bring attention, and information to an audience. Many of the people who come to our shows may not know about the needs of these organizations. Taking a few moments to educate them, and inspire them to act, is a simple and important part of standing in the lyme-light. If we cannot use our voice for the good of others, than what good is our voice? I love being able to help others with my music, and this is another way to do that!

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Thanks for sharing, Khiana! Not only is an artist educating their audience with the needs of a charity, but they are presenting their audience with a charity that can be trusted. I think sometimes it’s hard to know whether your money is going where the charity says it does. It’s so cool that artists can be the bridge that people need in order to find and support legitimate charities.

  15. I counted six charities!

    The best part about advocating during my live show for those suffering from injustice is the ability to use the talents and platforms that God has given me to be a part of something that is bigger than myself. The world can feel like such an overwhelming place and we do not have to look far to find injustice. This is why I believe that when we are given opportunities that they are not meant for only us to experience but also a gift for us to give to others. As artists we have the privilege to give gifts to our audience on a regular basis but we also have the honor to give gifts to those around us who we may personally never meet. The best legacy that we can leave is one that shows our love for God by living, as He lived, with an unconditional love and a heart for giving that cannot help but change the world little by little.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Love your perspective, Megan. Not everyone has the unique gift of sharing their thoughts and beliefs with others through music so I love that your viewing yours as an opportunity to help others!

  16. David Turner says:

    The best way to discuss about the injustice in the world to any of the 6 charities on livemusiccares.com without bringing down the show is to write a touching song about a real person suffering from an injustice. Before the song is played introduce the song by telling the audience how the song affects you. In the song spell out the injustice in a very moving way, Use the stool and no more than 2 instruments. Hone in on the emotion and finish the song in a way that moves the audience to silence. Let the audience feel the emotion in silence before moving on to the next song.

  17. 6 charities
    We are all seeking to have enjoyable times with our friends and families right here and now. Just out of our sight, there are countless people who, due to circumstances beyond their control, lack the opportunities to enjoy leisurely activities like pop concerts. Vital things we take for granted, like clean water or daily nutrition are in great need for kids and families in many places on this Earth. The best part of having get togethers like this performance are being able to appreciate our good times and realize how good we have it, and how, in fact, we have brothers and sisters everywhere who wish they could be as comfortable and healthy as we are. There are ways and possibilities to help with our expendable income. Simple donations do a world of help. Would you consider sharing a little bit to help add up to make a significant difference for many people in need? Back by the merchandise table we have information how you can help others and enjoy your own life more!

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Love this Dan. It truly is astounding how “simple donations do a world of help” and how much further an American dollar will go in a 3rd world country… I think it’s easy for us to forget that. I think it’s also easy to forget how many people are in need of help… it’s sort of “out of sight, out of mind” which is why we need people like you who recognize that to step up and be a voice for those who don’t have one. Thanks for the comment Dan!

  18. 6 charities. Christ said, “when you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me.” As artist we have the platform to reach the reachable as well as the unreachable. We also have the opportunity to touch hearts with words that extend the hand of God to the hurting people that have received an injustice in some way or another. The only way they can be helped is when people get involved and come to their rescue.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Love that verse. Thanks for sharing, Tim. We all need help at some point or another! With greater opportunities and more resources comes a greater responsibility to help those with less… at least, in my opinion. 🙂

  19. 6 charities.
    Knowing people in poorer countries get a tomorrow because of what you did today. People matter to God!

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      And to add to that, Tasha…. doing something today that you LOVE (music), in order to give someone the chance at a tomorrow. It’s a lot better than those in poorer countries who feel forced (or quite literally are forced) to turn to dark places (drugs, prostitution, etc.) in order to have a chance at a tomorrow. We are fortunate to have this beautiful opportunity to help without any danger or darkness attached.

  20. George Sos says:

    Six charities.

    Advocating for the suffering is something (almost) everybody knows is the right thing to do. Helping charities to promote their good work is something the musician can do better than many ads or marketing strategies, reaching out and touching many more people with a message of hope for the children.

    The musician reaches people’s heart with their music, and even though it’s a good thing, apart from entertaining and touching people emotionally (and even spiritually), sometimes the results are not as relevant as reaching people to touch their hearts on this other way: to help them be aware of the huge needs out there, and help them make the decision to take action, and really help change the present and future lives and of many children, forever.

    That my friend, is something truly worthwhile advocating for…!!!

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      George, so true… promoting a good cause through the relationship of an artist and their audience can be extremely effective and powerful, even more so than ads on TV, radios and websites. Thanks for reaching out!

  21. 6

    I usually go on stage with mixed feelings. On one hand I truly believe that I am sharing my gifts of writing songs and delivering a message and trying to move people one stage at a time and on the other hand I feel so selfish and indulgent and that the last thing that people need is MY music to heal. They need money, food, shelter, mothers or fathers but NOT Music. I’ve performed and facilitated workshops with indigenous kids in remote Australia as well as the Green Gecko Kids in Cambodia (former street kids) and I always walk in the first session feeling that I cannot make an impact with music, but by the end of the sessions we’ve addressed homelessness, starvation, abuse and many other issues and best of all, we see smiling faces and lots of great songs. MUSIC really does heal, it allows an opportunity for the downtrodden to be heard. It softens hearts. So why can’t we soften the hearts of our audience members by showing them how they can help people who suffer injustice in the world.

    We can make a change one person at a time, with music…and what better way to do that, than starting on the stage that I’m singing on and advocating a cause. Our shows will have a purpose and will become 3 dimensional.

    Thanks, Snez.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Wow. Love everything that you just said Snez. Thanks so much for sharing those thoughts and experiences. Music has a beautiful way of working through people- to heal, to inspire, to educate… so many great purposes that music can stand for.

  22. 6 charities named and it says they work with more.

    I would feature such a cause in my live act because any time we’re given the gift and responsibility of attention, it’s vital that we use that time to shine light in dark places. If we can engage people in the right ideas while also entertaining, real change can be affected and hope can be inspired.

  23. Ronald Williams says:


    As humans we have to live life for more than just self. We must have the ability to focus on something greater. Performing music it a blessing that God has given. It is amazing to experience an audience who is in tune with your music. But, even though we are surrounded by many people the focus is often on ourselves and what we are able to get out of the experience. By committing to work with a charitable organization we are provided the opportunity to perform for something greater than ourselves. Few things are better than using our gifts to help those in need.

    May God bless you and your talents!

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Ronald, you’re so right… not everyone has the opportunity to use music as an avenue to help because not everyone has been blessed with the capability to play, sing, etc. Music is truly a gift that can also be used as a gift to others. Thanks for sharing!

  24. 6. The best part about advocating for people who suffer would to be to both help rescue people from harsh environments and also giving those people a voice.

  25. There are 6 Charities.

    Every ounce of success, hope and courage that I have today has come from some teacher, mentor or benefactor that I have been blessed to have known in my lifetime. Whether they have given of their time, wisdom, money or other gift that they saw a need for in me. To be able to pay that “Hope” forward to someone whose circumstances are way more challenging than my own, may make all the difference for them in achieving a productive and happy life. We all know the alternatives of this (Drugs, Suicide, Prison, etc., etc.). I do believe that ALL of the worlds problems can be solved by each of us applying the golden rule in our lives on a daily basis! Let’s make that happen for those who are less fortunate, shall we?!

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Gio, love what you said! I can personally relate and feel very thankful for the people who have poured into my life. Let’s inspire others and make it our mission to pay it forward. Thanks for the comment.

  26. A”ll that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

    6 charities

  27. Marc Houston says:

    LiveMusicCares.com has six charities a musician, or band, can sponsor. Artists are naturally giving people. We give a glimpse of our souls to others through our artistic endeavors. When an artist sponsors a charity, whether during a live music event, art opening, or intermission of a play, they are becoming a catalyst to change the world. To change one life is an opportunity to change many others. One small act of compassion can lead someone else to reciprocate another act of compassion, and inspire yet another. These small gestures are the drops of water that become the tidal wave of change. When we give our time and service to others, we are not only giving hope to those who have none. We are not only changing our world one step at a time. We are giving nourishment to our own lives, and enriching our very souls.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Amazing that helping others, like you said, nourishes our own lives. I firmly believe that today more than ever before, we have the ability to change the world and make other’s lives better! With such amazing resources, inventions, and technology, we truly can become the change we want to see. Thanks for such a beautiful comment, Marc.

  28. Aaron Walker says:

    I count 6 charities. Yes, at the end of our lives it won’t matter how many gigs we’ve played but how many lives we touched.

  29. BenineFeline says:

    great read! thank you

  30. Andrew Cavanagh says:

    As artists often we think we’re struggling. But when you see children who are 10 years old the head of households doing anything they can to survive and feed their brothers and sisters that brings home the truth of what struggling really is.

    When you share this struggle with your audience and you get them to become part of the solution…to offer a helping hand to people so desperately in need…you change the world just a little bit for the better.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Andrew- I love your perspective. Going to Ethiopia definitely broadened my perspective and made me realize how many things I took for granted living in America. There are a lot of 3rd world countries who would trade our 1st world struggles for theirs any day. Amazing that we have an opportunity to help those who need it through such a fun way.

  31. Rodrigo Miño says:

    There are 6..

    I think that the best part during a live show to talk about advocating for those suffering from injustice will be, during a great song, in the middle of the show, with the bass line and drums playing a great progression in the back (after the solo or bridge, before the last chorus) when you have a full attention of everyone, and then the lead singer / frontman with a great attitude and caracter speaks to the audience. Is in that kind of moment when the frontman has the audience in his hands and everything hi/she says is well received.
    And then finish with an explosive last chorus. I think that is the moment.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Rodrigo- I like your thinking. It’s amazing the impact that artists can have on their audience through powerful moments and relationships. Typically, an appeal is most effective during the middle of the show if there’s an intermission but if there is not, we recommend that the artist place the appeal at the end of the show so that the audience doesn’t forget about it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  32. Kim Haiducu says:

    6 charities
    The best part about advocating at a live show, especially if you’ve just presented the gospel meassage of Christ and His gift of salvation, is that you are now giving your audience the opportunity to take the next step in their Christian life and help orphans, which is true religion according to God’s Word. (I just attended two Winter Jam concerts – KY and OH – where this was done and it was phenomenal!).

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Kim, thanks for the comment! What a beautiful thing, right? Drawing people’s attention to issues that are real and present…even if it’s not within our sight but still having the opportunity and ability to help those who genuinely need it. And you like you said… a chance for believers to live out their faith!

  33. roschelle laughhunn says:

    LiveMusicCares advocates for 5 charities.
    The best part of addressing injustice during a Live performance ia the ability to create a mind set in individuals that fosters change. To perhaps touch one person who may not have been an advocate to become aware of their ability to mqke a difference and act on the new awareness. Even if the difference is to only one person in their sphere of influence, that ripple effect can be laying.

    • Kristen Seymour says:

      Roschelle- love what you said. Even one person makes it worth it and has the potential to effect many others!

  34. There are special moments as an artist when you’re sharing your music and creating moments for and with an audience. When you can follow that up with opening your arms with the audience to the ones in the world who need us, it’s something that can resonate for a long time. I’m not sure who gets the most from it, the givers or the receivers.


    I counted 6 charities

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