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Archives for October 2014

Boot Stompin’ Roots: The Welch Brothers

Brothers David, Nate & Jonny Welch, have been singing together for as long as they can remember! Growing up in a musical family, and living in both North Carolina and California, the The Welch Brothers developed a taste for both country and rock. That combination, along with their tight, 3-part harmonies, has created an easy to […]

Is It Possible to Over-Prepare Your Show?

I’m not a big fan of early sound checks. Yeah, I know — sometimes it’s necessary. But whenever our band would arrive at a venue 5 hours early, set up, and do our sound check, it seemed like the day would drag on. When it was time for the show, I’d feel uninspired and tired. […]

Multiple Lead Singers: Welch Brothers Makeover

Distraction, misdirection, shiny objects… it’s easy to lose focus on what’s important. So imagine your poor audience watching your show, never having seen you before, trying to figure out what’s going on. It can be tough for audiences to know what to pay attention to (they’re not musicians, after all) — so you need to […]

How Soon Should You Work on Your Show?

I’ve gotten both kinds of calls — the kind where I’m asked to help an artist with their show 1-2 months in advance of a tour or showcase, and the kind where I’m supposed to be the “fix-it” guy working with someone a few days before a big, important show. So when is the best […]

Why You Should Use a Headset

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Your 5 Onstage Tools

“I can’t do that — it’s goofy, cheesy, hokey. And besides, (insert name here) uses one! I’m original. What would my friends and peers say?” That’s the usual response I get when I ask an artist to consider using a headset for one of their songs. Frankly, I don’t care what artist has used a […]

Indie Artist Brings in $150K for Charity & $10K for Themselves

“Over 70 sponsors today, Tom!” The call came in after indie artists Doug and Linda Tidwell did a concert in a San Antonio, Texas elementary school for about 200 kids. As artists who work hard on their onstage appeal and advocacy for ChildFund International, it was no surprise they got a great response! But let […]

4 Rules to Follow So You are the Opening Act they Remember

In 1991, Pearl Jam opened for the Smashing Pumpkins and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In Kim Neely’s Pearl Jam book Five Against One, drummer Dave Abbruzzese said, “We’d play for 30 minutes, and it was like the Smashing Pumpkins had to earn their 30 minutes, and the Peppers had to earn theirs. By the […]

Southern Rock Roots: The Remedy

Friends and brothers growing up on the same street in the same rural Georgia town, The Remedy connected as a group through a string of events. Although the boys had known each other for a lifetime, it was actually their passions that brought them together onstage for the first time when guitar player, Josh, needed […]

The Remedy: A Closing Moment Video Makeover

I like these guys and this song, ‘cuz well, I’m a sucker for a little southern rock! Because the songs starts ‘down’ and builds (Tom’s song rating might place it at a level 2, building to a level 4), I think it works great as a Closing Moment. You’ll see why as we get into […]

How Your Perspective Effects Your Success (or Your Failure)

Looking out into your audience, it’s hard to know why they react the way they do — or why they don’t react at all! The reason it’s hard to know is because you’re facing the wrong direction. You’re not sitting in the seats out front like they are. Perspective is everything. And it’s not just […]