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Archives for August 2014

Should I Be Spontaneous – or Plan My Show?

It’s a question we get a lot. And the answer is yes. “Don’t confuse me, Tom!” Sorry! But the real answer depends on multiple things. I can count on one hand (maybe two) the artists I’ve worked with over 20 years who don’t think they are great with spontaneity. I admit, I really don’t understand […]

Don’t Stop Before You’re Done: Reshaping Your Songs

Songwriters use creativity to write songs. They get ideas, they start throwing those ideas down on paper, they write and rewrite until they’ve got the basic form. But what if they stopped there? Those songs need to be edited and reformed. Even in the recording studio, they continue to be edited and worked on. Songwriters […]

Joy Chadwell Song & Critique Review Video

You might say someone is in the groove or in the pocket when you’re referring to playing tight rhythmically. But you also need to be in the pocket when you’re talking about your style onstage! In this Bootcamp showcase, singer Joy Chadwell was looking and sounding a little unsure of exactly what style this song […]

Share a Bit of Yourself Next Time You Perform

We listen to music through ear buds and stereo systems, on our laptops and iPhones, and in restaurants and elevators. We buy downloads, CDs, and albums. The majority of music we experience on a day-to-day basis comes through recorded music. But there is nothing that compares to seeing your favorite artist live! Being in the […]

Free Studio Demo Recording for Top Performer at Bootcamp

Grammy/Dove nominated, Juno Award winning producer Roger Ryan has generously offered to give a Top Performer award to one of our Bootcamp Showcase artists this fall: a free studio demo recording! Roger’s work has run the full spectrum of the music industry and spanned a wide range of genres. Roger says for him, “music is […]

A 12-Letter Word: 1 Secret to a Great Live Show

It was years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My experience that night gave me the best illustration of how a simple 12-letter word can be one of the secrets to a great live show! CeCe Winans, best selling Gospel artist of all time and friend of Whitney Houston, was singing at […]

Your Appeal When You Aren’t Playing Music

As an artist associated with a charity, you are typically going out to play a concert when you do your appeals. Whether it’s a full concert set, or even just a short 15-20 minute show, most of you wrap a song around your appeal. However, there are times when you have the opportunity to speak […]

Solveig and Stevie Song & Critique Review Video

With this folk pop song, Tom shows how an intro can be taken out of time to create some variation in the tempo of a song. He also talks about relationships between the singers and players onstage, movement, and non-verbal cues. Having the courage to take risks in your rehearsal means greater development as a […]

50% Off a New Website

I can’t tell you how many times I receive information from artists and bands who use one of their social networks as a website. While it’s great to have those places to network, nothing is as good as having your own website! I understand that many of you may not know how to put together […]

5 Ways to Make More Money as a Musician

In the traditional music industry, you toured to sell your recording. In the new music industry, you record and distribute a CD so you can get out in front of the public and play. In either model, 90% or more of an artist’s revenue comes from their live show. But for most bands, CD sales […]