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Archives for November 2013

The Power of a Moment

I just had my third little bundle of joy not too long ago. I can remember the night she came in detail: Waking up at 1:30 in the morning, the drive to the hospital, my wife making us stop for some McDonalds, they way the air felt, the contractions, the smiles on everyone’s faces when […]

Adding to My List of Thanks

I was looking over a list of items I had written about 2 years ago on my blog, Thanksgiving Thoughts. Seeing the 8 things I had listed there I realized that list is still applicable. Except I have a few more things to add. If you notice in that 2011 list, I’ve included my wife […]

Relive the Moment

I often talk about why an audience attends a concert, why people go to a show, why someone goes to a special event… Those of you who follow my blogs know there are actually 3 reasons: To be captured and engaged To experience moments To have their lives changed in some way Well, once they’re […]

Mia Calderon Song & Critique Review Video

What kind of song are you performing? Oftentimes, artists get wrapped up in “movement” for the sake of movement, instead of letting the “feel” and message of the song dictate what movement they’ll use. Tom calls the correct way to do it “keeping the integrity of the song.” The place to work out movement is […]

Save Some Holiday Green with our Green Wednesday Specials!

It’s that time of year again – Onstage Success has been offering holiday specials in November and December every year since we’ve been online, and we aren’t going to stop the tradition now! This year we’ve got a pile of Wednesdays (between now and Christmas) for you to save a pile of green (40-67% off […]

Balancing the Stage

Whether you are in a singing group or a band, audiences like balance onstage. Someone in the audience probably won’t be able to describe it, but it just doesn’t feel right when there are too many people on one side of the stage or the other. It feels unbalanced. Oftentimes, when I’m working with a […]

Stay Thirsty My Friends

Sometimes I’m asked if artists I work with end up not doing what I ask them to do. The answer is yes, unfortunately. Or, the artist might work it in rehearsal, but when I later go see them live, it’s as if we’d never even met! And I walk out dejected and sad, feeling let […]

Mistakes Happen

As Tom says, if you are human and you perform onstage, then mistakes will happen! But there are two questions every performer should be aware of: Are the mistakes you are making avoidable or unavoidable? What do you do when the unavoidable mistakes happen? Of course, if they are avoidable, then by all means – […]

Watch Webinar Video: It’s Only Me

It worked so well last time, I thought I’d try it again… a Q&A Webinar! About 15 of our Backstage Pass members were able to make the live event, and most of them had submitted their questions in advance. Our topic was “It’s Only Me” and we discussed what many of you go through when […]

Trashcans, Cut Offs, & Thanks: Ending with Authority

You’ve created a terrific moment… your audience has been visibly engaged & you played great… and now you’re heading to the end of the song. Here are your choices: 1) keep the momentum going and get wild, exhilarating applause, or 2) kill the energy and restrict the response. I’m guessing you choose #1. Of course […]