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Archives for September 2013

Josh Peidl Song & Critique Review Video

The industry panel at this Tom Jackson Bootcamp had some important tips for singer/songwriter Josh Peidl from Canada that apply to most artists. First of all, songwriting requires some critical work. You might accomplish that with a co-writer, or it may require some drastic steps on your part (according to Jay Frank, FutureHit.DNA). Then, when […]

Bootcamp September 2013

Where can you find a 13-year-old singer from Mississippi, a 65+ songwriter from Tennessee, a rootsy soul artist from Australia, a brother/sister duo from Canada, an electro-Latin-lounge singer from Nashville, and about 80 other unique artists and industry all in one place? At the annual 2-day Tom Jackson Bootcamp in Nashville! This year’s event at […]

Developing a Fan Base Live: Your Song Intros

Do you want to develop a fan base from stage or not? It begins with the introductions to your songs. (And I’m not talking about speaking to your audience). As I always say, there’s a difference between what you perform live and what you record. For instance, song introductions on your recording need to be […]

It Starts With a Vision

Making your show special involves thinking things through — what I call “getting a vision” — for the moments that are in your songs & planning how to develop them. When I help an artist plan their show, I try to get a vision as I listen to their songs. In other words, I want […]

“But I Can’t Afford the Bells & Whistles!”

We like the challenge. We know most artists – at least the ones starting out – won’t have access to lots of lights, staging, props, and the extras established performers have. And to be honest, that stuff can just be a bandage on a sub-par performance. It’s important to understand the logistics and principles for putting […]

How To Have a Great Show Even When You’ve Had a Rough Day

Show of hands – Who’s played a gig sick? Exhausted? With your mind on your upcoming vacation? We’ve all been there and sometimes it ain’t pretty. One of the biggest advantages of not “winging it” – of having a vision and working on it in rehearsal – is that your plan acts as a safety […]

Your Appeal from the Stage Video: Tour Support Training

Who… why… how… where… Tom calls these the basic 4 when it comes to making your appeal for a charity. The audience needs to understand who it is you are talking about. What charity? What do they do? Can we trust them? They need to feel an emotional connection to a child so they know […]

Let’s Get Started Video: Tour Support Training

You’ve just signed up to partner with a charity – the organization is one you feel passionate about, and you’re ready to start telling your audience about them. You’re ready to get those kids sponsored! But before you can do that, you need materials to put on your table, you should be familiar with picture […]

Welcome to Tour Support Video

“No man has learned to live until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. In order to live creatively and meaningfully our self-concern must be wedded to other concerns.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. Welcome to our Tour Support Program! (Or if you happen […]

Opportunities at Broadjam: A Visit with Mike Huberty

Recently, I spent some time visiting with Mike Huberty of Broadjam. Mike and Roy Elkins (Broadjam’s founder and CEO), have been friends of Tom Jackson for quite a few years. I wanted to know more about what they do and how Broadjam helps artists. Broadjam provides web-based promotional tools and services for independent musicians, the […]