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Archives for July 2013

How About a Great Rehearsal?

We all know what a great show looks like. But what does a great rehearsal look like? It isn’t just running through all the songs, putting them in some kind of order, and then going out to do your show! The rehearsal is the best place for spontaneity to happen, believe it or not. Most […]

More Colors: 7 Ideas for Singers & Songwriters

I’ve mentioned before that every musician, artist, band – each one of you has “colors in your palette” to use when you perform live. Some artists have fewer colors (1 person, 1 instrument). Other artists have a multitude of colors, with multiple instruments, voices, and ways to use them. Your unique arrangement of instruments, voices, […]

Watch Webinar Video: Questions Anyone?

I wish I could have a personal meeting with each one of you, to answer your questions and talk about your show! The next best thing might be a Skype, a phone chat, or even a Live Webinar like I did last week. The background for doing this was simply me wanting to know what […]

Don’t Make THIS Music Publicity Blunder

Bob Baker, author of Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, will speak at our 2013 Tom Jackson Bootcamp in Nashville! Check out this article adapted from Chapter 12 of his book: Okay, you have a new album coming out or an important gig to promote. You’ve identified your ideal media sources. Now it’s time to get busy […]

I’ve Got It!

I spend much of my year (every year) teaching at conferences: New Music Seminar, Canadian Music Week, Gospel Music Association, conferences in Norway, Australia, Canada, and on and on and on. Over the years I’ve seen how useful these conferences are for artists to attend. Between the networking, the opportunity to showcase, the chance to […]

The Tears of an Onstage Clown – and How to Turn them Around

Have you ever told a joke you thought was absolutely hysterical, just to have it fall completely flat? Or been misunderstood – people think you’re serious when you’re really not? Maybe a favorite band story is hit-or-miss depending on the night. I think we’ve all been there – in real life and on stage. It […]

Audiences: Brilliant or Ignorant?

The truth is – both! The people you play for are brilliant about some things, but not knowledgeable (at all) about others. Now before I get into trouble, let me explain that when I say your audience is ignorant, I’m not criticizing them. I just mean that most of them don’t know much about music. […]

Questions Anyone?

I don’t often have the opportunity to sit and visit with a group of artists. Sure, I get that chance with our Bootcamps and Workshops (like the one I just did up in Edmonton). But for the most part, I’m working with bands, soloists, singer/songwriters, young performers, etc. in the rehearsal room 1-on-1. I help […]

Tom Jackson in Edmonton for Country Music Week 2013

Tom Jackson will be Keynote Speaker at this year’s Canadian Country Music Association’s Country Music Week in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to addressing all attendees at the start of this year’s program, Tom will also be teaching a Live Music Makeover on Sunday morning at 10am. This session offers artists and industry the opportunity to […]

Mandi Lee Song & Critique Review Video

Pouring originality into the song needs to be addressed with your own songs, but it can be down right difficult when you are performing a cover! In this video, you’ll learn how to use the words of a song to build a moment the audience can connect with. But you’ll also see demonstrated a way […]