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Archives for June 2013

by:Larm 2012 Music Makeover Part 2 of 2 Video

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series by:Larm 2012 Music Makeover

It is the best way to learn to look and feel natural: repetition! That’s why Tom emphasizes practicing onstage movement and fundamentals at home in your room. You’ll be building muscle memory as you woodshed, and that will lead to confidence onstage. In this video, learn about several basic tools and fundamentals for you show… […]

Road Show Bootcamp Wetaskawin June 22

“Fantastic day with Amy” and “This is really worth the investment to your performance and [engaging] your audience” is part of the initial feedback I’ve received about our first Road Show Bootcamp in Canada. The Road Show was held just outside Edmonton in Wetaskiwin Alberta, and a small but eager crowd arrived Saturday morning to […]

4 Motivations to Do this Thing Called Music

There is a reason we do what we do. Whether we are a musician, a teacher, a writer, or a sword swallower – we have some kind of motivation. And it’s more than money! A recent TED talk by behavioral economist Dan Ariely said studies point to many motivating factors (“seeing results from our labor,” […]

by:Larm 2012 Music Makeover Part 1 of 2 Video

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series by:Larm 2012 Music Makeover

Tom taught at the by:Larm 2012 music festival in Oslo, Norway. In one of his sessions, he showed artists a few important techniques of performance: putting pressure on the audience, bail outs, staying on the 1, and much more! Watch as Tom explains the importance of setting up the stage properly, taking authority onstage, and […]

Free Bootcamp & More: Our June Facebook Prize

If you haven’t been to our Facebook page recently, you should head there now! Each month a new game, competition, or giveaway is announced with some pretty cool prizes. And this June, we have the best prizes so far: Grand Prize – a free registration to our September 27-28 Tom Jackson 2-day Bootcamp! EVERYONE who […]

Majoring in the Minors

Ever feel like you have so many details demanding your time in your life & career you can’t keep up? Sometimes those details scream for my attention! But they aren’t necessarily the “important” things. When you’re trying to build a music career, it’s easy to get caught up in things that won’t make a difference. […]

Extreme Changes: Spotlight on FireDean & The Brooklyn Garden Club

From oil rig… to alt-rock band… to an acoustic based alt-folk band… FireDean has been through some changes! FireDean’s musical journey started on an oil rig in SW Louisiana. While there, his voice was brought to the attention of the choir director at a local Pentecostal Church. An audition followed – along with instructions to […]

What Have You Got to Lose?

I get asked all the time what we do and what a Live Music Producer is. And a lot of people who think they know what we do, don’t! We really do two things. We are: 1. A “para-college” organization. We teach artists how to be onstage performers. Over the years, I’ve developed what I […]

It’s Song #4, But Moment #3

Recently, I noticed an artist had very nicely blogged about what she learned at a workshop I taught a few years ago. She was complimentary about the set list I’d taught, and proceeded to tell everyone about it – problem was, it wasn’t what I’d taught. I’m glad she was appreciative of my session, but […]

It’s Personal!

By far, our most-asked question about the live show goes something like this: “I’ve read your book/watched your DVDs. I love the way you put together a set list for a 45-60 minute show… but here’s what I need help with. You see, I do a _______ (90 minute show, 20 minute opener, 4 hours […]