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Archives for February 2013

Stripping It Down: Letting Your Songs Get Naked

I’m sure you’ve thought about or tried doing acoustic versions of your songs. If if you haven’t, you need to! Sometimes your gig will dictate you must go acoustic… there simply may not be enough room on a small stage for all your players. Less is more can definitely be amazing, and it creates a […]

It’s Golden

“Do to others what you would have them do to you.” Most of us recognize this as the Golden Rule. In the Bible, Jesus is quoted as giving this rule about showing love to others, and it can also be found (in some form or another) in almost every religion and ethical tradition. It’s a […]

Lauren Ventura Song & Critique Review Video

The industry panel at a Tom Jackson Bootcamp pegged it: if the song is sassy, be sassy – if the song is sweet, be sweet – if it’s rockin’, let us see that! Whatever you do, own the stage with confidence from the minute you step out there. Watch this video to hear the specific […]

February Facebook Contest: Caption to Win!

Check out our Facebook fan page for fun news and great contests! Each month a new game or competition will be announced with some cool prizes. This February it’s a “caption to win” event. Tom recently worked with some Grammy award winning artists for an upcoming tour and a staff member snapped a few photos […]

When Words are King

You probably have a song (or two) you wrote or found that have the best lyrics ever! Something you really want your audience to hear and understand. It might be a personal song you wrote. Maybe you just came out of a bad relationship, or you’re going through a really tough time. Maybe you wrote […]

K-LOVE Announces First Ever Fan Awards for Christian Music

Tom Jackson attended an exclusive press event on Feb. 13, at which leading Christian radio network K-LOVE (weekly listenership of 14 million) announced they are bringing the 1st ever fan-voted awards show in Christian music history to Nashville this spring. The K-LOVE Fan Awards and Ultimate Fan Experience will kick off Friday, May 31 and […]

Onstage Success Workshop in Minneapolis on 03/10/13

Amy Wolter will be presenting Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success Workshop during this full day event sponsored by the School of Rock in the Minneapolis, MN area. Hear what no one else is teaching… practical ideas and tools to make your concerts come alive and keep your audience coming back. This teaching will amaze you, and […]

The Forrest Gump Moment – Are YOU Grammy-Ready?

In the aftermath of a mostly-great Grammy awards show, filled with some pretty memorable moments, I’m still perplexed by one performance that has many of my Facebook friends still scratching their heads. It’s too bad, because the show had it going on, with Taylor’s wild fantasy number, Jack White & his vibe-y all-girl band, stellar […]

A Risk Worth Taking

In my Live Music Method, I use the analogy of building your show like building a house. And one of the things you need (a very important thing!) is a solid foundation. For your house it may mean choosing between a basement, slab, or crawl space; and you’ll choose the one that will give the […]

Get Herd: Help from Stickers and More

Getting your name and music in front of people can be difficult, especially in this world of so much very accessible music from so many bands and artists. One way to do it is with printed material like business cards, posters, stickers (and more!). Or how about a banner above your band? Maybe you’d like […]