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Archives for January 2013

You Deserve More Than Tips

No, I’m not talking to performers who play in bars or restaurants “for tips only” – although I’m sure most of you probably deserve to play for more money than just tips. I’m actually talking about the “tips” artists get from a session at a music conference, a single article they read online, or the […]

Gathering Mercury Song & Critique Review Video

Whether it’s with your dynamics, your tones, your movement onstage, etc. – being intentional with what you do is the key to exuding confidence and leading your audience somewhere! In this video, hear Grammy winner/author Steve Grossman and DigSin CEO Jay Frank, talk about this and more. Then watch Tom Jackson give the band, Gathering […]

It’s Who You Are

You just moved into a new house. You want it to have your personality and style, right? It should be unique and express who you are. It’s the same thing with your onstage performance. Although you need to have certain basic elements, it should also be different from everyone else’s. I’m guessing you’re in agreement […]

Differentiation – New Music Seminar Video

A few years ago, I had the privilege of being on a panel at the New Music Seminar in Los Angeles with musician/songwriter Little Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springsteen), Just Blaze (Eminem, Jay-Z), Kelly Cutrone (Lady Gaga), and moderator Bill Werde (Billboard). The panel topic was Differentiation – in other words, how do you make […]

Road Show Bootcamp Lafayette CO 4/27/13

Ready to take a step forward with your career? This 1-day workshop in the Denver area will inspire and motivate you to take your live show to the next level. And at these unique events, you may get to showcase one of your songs. Artists who show potential as a Bootcamp Top Performer may even […]

Tom Jackson in Toronto 03/22/13

Catch Tom Jackson 3 times on Day #2 of the Canadian Music Week Music Summit! He’ll be participating in the Brands, Bands, Fans Panel (12:05pm), and the Mentor’s Cafe (4:15pm). And don’t miss his infamous Xtreme Performance Makeover (6pm) at the Trinity Church venue! Tom’s Makeover is a crash course in going from good to […]

Are You Married to Your Audience, or Just Dating?

(Enjoy this excerpt from Tom’s Live Music Method book, on how to begin constructing a set list that will build a fan base, get you more gigs, and help you sell more merch:) What does it mean to be married to your audience? Or to be dating your audience? Let me explain with some real […]

Recording Tip 33: Listening to the Mix Outside the Control Room

I’ll often listen to a mix playback outside of the control room… mostly with the door closed. This is a tip that was another of those happy accidents. I was working on a mix one day when a client arrived to hear what I’d done. As he sat in my chair to hear the mix, […]

Be Inspired, Equipped & Motivated

It’s the beginning of another new year! Recently I read a blog I wrote at the beginning of 2010. I’m repeating it for 2013 (because I still feel this way): “As [this new year] begins, a lot of you have resolved to pursue your music and give it a good shot. You’re excited about the […]

Making Money from Your Music in 2013: The 7 C’s

WANT TO INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE AS A MUSICIAN? [This article was written by guest contributor — and longtime friend — of CD Baby & Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success, Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR.] It’s the new year, and the current news surrounding the music business is still bad. At this stage of the game, […]