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Archives for October 2012

On Live Performances: Bob Lefsetz

Whether it’s taking on Gene Simmons at Canadian Music Week, dissing Kid Rock in his weekly email, or speaking out on a botched Grammy appearance – Bob Lefsetz definitely has some opinions on music, the industry, songwriters, and performers! I don’t always agree with Bob, but I can appreciate his honesty in speaking out about […]

Alex Bain Song & Critique Review Video

This industry panel (Grammy-winner Steve Grossman, author/digital label owner Jay Frank, and Live Music Producer Tom Jackson) has words of wisdom for songwriters everywhere: use a co-writer! Listen in on why. Alex Bain also gets great advice from Tom on how to create anticipation for his song, and how to help the audience see the […]

ECMA 2011 Workshop Part 2 of 2 Video

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Workshop ECMA 2011

You are involved with your songs emotionally, you’re excited to be onstage, you think it’s a pretty remarkable show. But “remarkable” isn’t when you think it’s remarkable… it’s when your audience thinks it’s remarkable! Oftentimes, the perspective an artist has onstage can be a hindrance to a truly great live performance. In this part 2 […]

Taking Yourself Too Seriously

I finally got the chance to go and hear the Nashville Symphony this year, and it was a truly incredible concert. But I have to admit, I’d forgotten how serious and reverent that audience is. It’s a hotbed for suppressed laughter, simply because you know you have to be quiet and listen. It didn’t help […]

Myths About Spontaneity, Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Myths About Spontaneity

“A show that is planned is not real and people won’t like it.” This statement is a common thought among artists and bands these days. It came from a front man of a popular indie band who was on a panel with me at a CMJ Festival in New York. I agree with that statement […]

ECMA 2011 Workshop Part 1 of 2 Video

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Workshop ECMA 2011

In this workshop video, Tom begins by answering the questions “why do we do this thing called music” and “where does the money come from.” To bring home the answers, Tom relates a true story about an award winning artist who ends up confessing, “I never looked at it like that…” Don’t make the same […]

Lizzie Sider Has Music Industry Fluttering with New Release

Only 14 years old, singer/songwriter Lizzie Sider already has the industry a-flutter with her autobiographical new single Butterfly! With a whole lot of country and a hint of pop, this young performer provides a great story through this song from her latest album. The song Butterfly is about overcoming life’s obstacles, mistreatments and/or misfortunes. Penned […]

Myths About Spontaneity, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Myths About Spontaneity

I had been on a conference call with 5 other people I was going to see at the CMJ Music Conference. We had been asked to be part of a panel called “Stage Diving 101” about the importance of the live show. The moderator wanted all of us on the same page before the conference. […]

Courtney Rau Releases iTunes Single “Thanks But No Thanks”

Armed with enthusiasm for performance and a sophisticated appreciation for all things music, country pop newcomer Courtney Rau is breaking into the music scene with a drive to succeed. A Florida resident, Courtney is in many ways your typical happy teen, taking on extracurricular activities and keeping up with her schoolwork. Yet unlike her peers, […]

The Power of Simply Asking Why

I had the pleasure and honor of attending Tom’s OnStage Success Bootcamp in Nashville this past weekend. An event I highly recommend you attend in the future. One of the things that stood out while watching your Live Music Producers completely transform the visual and musical impact of artists and bands in front of our […]