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Archives for August 2012

I Want You to Want Me

I just returned from our Road Show Bootcamp event in Baton Rouge. I had a really great time talking to artists and demonstrating how to improve their live performance. Our group was all over the map in terms of musical style, age, personality, goals, and where they are in their careers. In spite of these […]

It’s Obvious to YOU

I get asked quite often, “how did you get started working with artists on their live show?” Sometime I’m asked what qualifies me to do what I do. (I imagine they’re wondering what kind of college degree it takes to be a Live Music Producer – and there is no degree program, by the way. […]

Music Gigs and Money: How to get paid what you’re worth

Here’s a great lesson if you want to generate the kind of music revenue you know you deserve. I first came across this idea in a blog post titled “How to Get Paid What You’re Worth” by Peter Shankman. Here’s the golden nugget: “You can always come down in price. You can NEVER go up.” […]

Onstage Success Offering ReverbNation Opportunity

If you are an artist on ReverbNation, check out this Opportunity! OnstageSuccess.com is looking to help artists develop a captivating show, and to feature them on the Onstage Success website. Winning artists will receive a video performance review from one of OnStage Success’ Live Music Producers (they have worked with Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, […]

Troy Castellano Music Makeover: Make them Feel what YOU Feel

A few months ago, I did some video critique reviews for winning artists in a Broadjam competition. Here is one of those videos, my thoughts on the artist’s performance, and recommendations for how they can make it even better. In this video, Troy Castellano and his band are playing a song that had yet to […]

SERIOUS Stage Fright!

I get asked all the time how to overcome stage fright. Or, as one artist put it, “like serrrrious stage fright!” When I was in a band, I came to understand that at the root of my nervousness was my need for people to like me. And I realized that, although I’m a likable enough […]

Jagged Row Song & Critique Review Video

In this video, Tom Jackson shows a band 2 things in just one song that can be developed to create a much more interesting performance. Giving the audience the correct non-verbal signals and working on a trade-off will net the band an emotional connection with their audience (and sell more merch)! This Bootcamp judging panel […]

The Perfect Menu of Songs

When you walk into a restaurant, you expect to be served in a particular way. When an audience walks into your concert, they expect certain things, too. I am often asked if there is a good way to build a set list. And my first response is: “don’t do it the way most artists do […]

Marketing Plan Tactics For Independent Musicians – Part 3 of 3: Content is King

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Marketing Plan Tactics For Independent Musicians

I’m very happy to introduce Chris Hacker, who plays an integral part of team Cyber PR® by creating highly-detailed and incredibly well thought-out marketing plans for independent musicians. This final entry into Chris’s 3-part series focuses entirely on creating an effective content strategy to put into place while working on promoting the album. Here’s the […]

Even Without the Bells and Whistles

In every craft, to be a professional there are fundamentals that need to be learned. And as the live show becomes more and more important to an artist’s career, the fundamentals and tools of performance are becoming more and more important. You need to understand and know how to use those tools to become engaging […]