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Archives for July 2012

Mistakes: Small and Olympic Size

Mistakes happen… just ask any Olympic athlete. Whether it’s a misstep on the gymnastics floor, accidentally firing at the wrong target, or underestimating where the volleyball will land, even the best trained athlete will make the occasional mistake. It’s the same for the performing musician. Artists know that no matter how much they practice and […]

Borrowed Blue Music Makeover Part 5 of 5 Video

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Borrowed Blue Music Makeover

Watch this final reveal of Borrowed Blue as they begin to put into play the creative ideas the Tom Jackson team gave them: lead singer taking authority, lead guitar stepping out front to “carry the ball,” a trade-off, applying pressure to the audience, and more. The band allowed themselves to be used as a demo […]

Be the Somebody

“Somebody has to do something about this!” Nearly 20 years ago my wife and I went to Kenya. We had been invited to come and see the work a non-profit organization was doing there. Of course we did the “touristy” things – went on a safari trip, took an overnight train ride, experienced the Indian […]

Borrowed Blue Music Makeover Part 4 of 5 Video

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Borrowed Blue Music Makeover

In this Music Makeover with the band Borrowed Blue, Tom and his team show their Bootcamp audience: why it’s so important to woodshed fundamentals; what it really means to have humility onstage; and why “bringing it” onstage has a lot to do with giving yourself permission! Also in this video, get a great glimpse of […]

Safe vs. Good: The Nerd and the Daredevil

It was not a good morning. So feeling frustrated and anxious, I decided to “self-medicate” by going to McDonalds. No lectures please…I’d worked out that morning! About halfway through my quarter pounder and perfectly salted hot fries, “nerd-dad” and his kids sat down in the booth behind me. (Not a judgment – just painting a […]

Music Career Help Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

As a departure from my usual posts here on Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success blog, I’ve been asked to invite you to subscribe to my new Why i Failed newsletter. It’s a simple way to get all the music career information I write about at my personal blog posts sent directly to you as soon as […]

Karius Vega in Dodge “Inspired By You” Song Program

Backstage artist Karius Vega is in the Dodge “Inspired by You” song program, a competition being hosted by “ReverbNation Dodge Inspired by You Competition.” Download to Vote and help his song be in the TV commercial. You get a free download of the song. Please vote today and share with your friends… VOTE NOW – […]

Stop Thinking

Stop thinking when you’re on the stage! I mean it. If you’re standing onstage and thinking about what you’re going to say, where you’re going to move, what notes you’re trying to sing, what the lyrics are, how do you look…. or here’s another one, there’s another singer or player in the audience, so you’re singing or playing to them, or there’s a promoter in the audience, so you’re thinking about how they like what you’re doing…. well, if you’re thinking onstage, then you’ve already lost.

Here’s the problem with “thinking” onstage…

Anthony Mossburg: Top Performer and More!

It’s one thing to win an award for performing 1 of your songs – and another thing to win 3 significant awards, each using a different song! But that’s exactly what singer/songwriter Anthony Mossburg has done over the last year. Recently, Anthony was chosen to perform at AtlantaFest 2012, a huge Christian music festival in […]

Anthony Mossburg Song & Critique Review Video

Your songs can’t be a blend of everything, or else listeners will have a hard time distinguishing what’s really important. As Tom says, it all becomes “goulash” to them. Is it your voice, the lyrics, the guitar? Watch this video to see an example of 3 ways you can point out what you want the […]