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Archives for May 2012

Music For A Living

When I speak at events around the world, one of the questions I usually ask is “how many of you want to play music for a few years and then quit?” Not one person ever raises their hand. Part of my Live Music Method is my Live Music Business Principles: investing in your music career […]

Sarah Elizabeth Foster Song & Critique Review Video

Watch this video to learn the 3 keys to success as an artist. It all begins with getting a vision for yourself, your style, and your show. The industry panel commenting includes songwriter Rick Elias (Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do), manager Mike Smith (Restless Heart, Jaci Velasquez, David Frizzell, Salvador), and Tom Jackson. 60’s […]

A Better Introduction to Your Song

Setting up a song can be critical to how a song goes over! At the very least, you want to create some anticipation with the audience for what you’ll be doing. So in this article, we’ll look at a specific song and see what you might do to create the right atmosphere and emotionally connect […]

Booze, You Lose

Recording Tip 31: Alcohol of almost any kind will mess up your hearing, especially on the top end. This tweet has generated a lot of reaction and questions. Some of the comments were quite funny, and some more serious, asking if I meant permanent hearing damage. While of course heavy, long term abuse of alcohol […]

Painting With Musical Colors

We get this question from soloists and singer/songwriters all the time: “How do I apply what you do? I’m all by myself onstage – there’s no way to make things ‘look’ different!” And the answer to that question actually applies to everyone who performs onstage: It’s really about using all the colors you have in […]

Mindwalk Blvd: Winner of Broadjam Tom Jackson Song Makeover

Multi-award winning Boston band Mindwalk Blvd recently won a Broadjam Tom Jackson Song Makeover Contest! I watched their video submission of their performance of “Away” to give them a written “makeover.” My first thoughts were: this is a good band, they’ve got a good singer, and this is a good song. But I also knew […]

How I Use Tom’s Live Music Method for a Long Solo Show: Show Flow (Part 1)

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series How I Use Tom's Method for a Long Solo Show

There are always lots of questions & discussion around how to apply Tom’s Method to long shows. Many times we are booked by clubs, coffee shops, etc. for 2-4 hours – which may not be ideal from a “making an impact” standpoint, but it is the reality. I thought I would share my experiences with […]

Hannah Ellis to Open for Lee Brice

Congratulations to singer/songwrtier Hannah Ellis! Hannah has an opening spot with country star Lee Brice, June 30 in Huntington, West Virginia. This young country singer is no newcomer to opening for big names either, having already appeared onstage in the lineup before artist Jake Owen. Then on July 4, Hannah hits the main stage for […]

One of My Biggest Pet Peeves

I get asked a lot of questions about the music industry, about producing, about what sound system to use, about… you name it! My gig is making a live show a GREAT live show. But I have been in this business for quite a few years, so once in a while I don’t mind giving […]

Stellar Corpses: Live Footage & Fan Interviews Part 7 Video

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Stellar Corpses Music Makeover

Clips from Stellar Corpses‘ live show and the audience response reveal just what the work with Tom Jackson has done for them! Notice the confidence they have onstage, the fan reaction to their live show, and the engagement they have with their audience: Backstage Pass VideoBackstage Pass Videos offer a wide variety of great information […]