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Archives for March 2012

Your Vision and Finding Ideal Gigs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a weird combination of “dreamer” and “doer”. I bet you might be the same. We’re very lucky, because many people never get past the “dreamer” stage in life. As artists, we start out with a dream – our vision – and then spend years working towards […]

Amy Holden Song & Critique Review Video

“You look comfortable!” Tom said about Amy Holden’s showcase song. Watch this video and see how matching the visual look with the song goes a long way in appropriate delivery. Also hear Tom’s comments about singing with a track, and some advice from music manager Mike Smith and songwriter Rick Elias, about choosing your path. […]

It’s a Process

I want you to start the process now, because that’s what it is – a process. I REALLY wish I could just wave a magic wand over you so that you’d “get it” without any work. And if I could manufacture a magic pill for you to swallow so all your live shows would be […]

The Storyteller

I rarely go to songwriter rounds, because for every 1 great writer you often have to sit through 3 or 4 bad ones. The other night at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville was an exception. I mainly went to see one of the artists I work with, The Stellas, and they did not disappoint, […]

Recording Tip 10: Always use a good pop filter when recording vocals

This seems pretty simple that most people know this, but it’s really worth a discussion. When some singers sing they can really hit certain consonants very hard. The ones to watch for are “b” “p” “th” etc. When those consonants are hit hard there will be a big bunch of air that rushes to the […]

Amy Wolter at Club 3 Degrees Band Tournament on 04/13/12

Club 3 Degrees Band Tournament is again hosting a special workshop during the weekend of the finals in their battle of the bands! A major part of the workshop will be Live Music Producer Amy Wolter doing a Live Music Makeover with the band Lightswitch. Amy will be demonstrating how Tom’s Live Music Method will […]

3 Ways to Crush It With Your Music Marketing!

Are you serious about promoting your music? Are you ready to move beyond lip service and take concrete actions to move your music career forward? If you truly embrace the following three ideas and make them a part of your marketing DNA, I guarantee you’ll crush it with your music marketing! 1) Do Something Every […]

Leah Durelle Nominated for Independent Music Award

Leah Durelle made the nomination list for the 11th Independent Music Awards with her Country Song ‘I’m Coming Back as a Cowboy’. At 20-years-old Leah has opened for and shared the stage with Leann Rimes, Tanya Tucker, Doc Walker, Jason McCoy, Tommy Overstreet, Trick Pony, and the Grand Ladies of the Grand Ole Opry. She […]

Learning the Fundamentals: David Heringer Project “Don’t Fall Off the Stage” – Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series David Heringer Project

Last time we saw David Heringer, he had started exploring how confidence plays a huge part in your success onstage. It’s all about the initiative you, as a performer, take to make sure you are ready to be onstage. We’re back this week watching his reaction to All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD 5: […]

My Graph for the 3-Set Dance Band

As a Live Music Producer you’d think I’d be used to it. But I am always amazed at how many kinds of music there are and how many ways musicians and performers make a living in the live music industry. For instance, did you know that in the Grammy awards last month they gave awards […]