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Archives for February 2012

Same Coin, Different Sides

Have you ever looked at a coin? You’ve probably noticed it has 2 sides (heads and tails, right?). In this music industry, I feel like we’ve been looking at one side of the coin for so long, we don’t even realize there’s a second side. I want to help you learn to see the second […]

Leading Your Audience: David Heringer Project “Show Me the Show” – Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series David Heringer Project

David’s here trying to sort out another VERY common issue for musicians as he puts Tom’s Live Music Method to the test. Confidence. It’s an insecurity that plagues even the most extroverted frontmen and the most bold drummers. David is no different. He even finds himself “asking for permission to join a conversation” in his […]

Stellar Corpses Music Makeover Part 2 Video

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Stellar Corpses Music Makeover

In Part 2 of this Live Music Makeover video, watch Stellar Corpses and Tom work out a way to “leave space,” so they can build anticipation for the audience, give the lead singer authority, and more! Also, learn along with the band effective non-verbal communication, whether playing or singing. Backstage Pass VideoBackstage Pass Videos offer […]

Recording Tip #34: Turning on the TV to check the mix

Recording tip #34: When printing a mix, I’ll often go to small speakers at low volume and turn on the TV to check the mix one last time This was another happy accident found when working. I was printing a mix, listening on my small speakers with the volume low. As it played, I turned […]

Stellar Corpses Music Makeover Part 1 Video

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Stellar Corpses Music Makeover

Watch this video and learn basics like placement onstage, where the monitors should go, the visual part of an intro and more. And did you know there’s a right way to get the audience to clap along with a song? Backstage Pass VideoBackstage Pass Videos offer a wide variety of great information that will help […]

3 Ways to Pack Your Live Shows by Helping Others First

Admit it. You want butts in seats and feet in front of the stage. The venue requires drinks in hands and lots of transactions at the bar. And the promoter needs to see bodies through the door and lots of ticket sales. The solution to meeting everyone’s needs is simple: Get lots of people to […]

The 2-Song Set: Show Me the Beef!

My recent Webinar was all about moments. I gave several examples of great moments I’ve experienced at concerts, things I’ve done myself when I was performing, and moments I’ve helped artists create for their shows. We got lots of questions after the Webinar that I wasn’t able to get to, but definitely wanted to address. […]

Road Show Bootcamp in Nashville TN on 07/21/12

Take one full day and learn how YOU can turn YOUR show into a captivating concert of “moments” for your audience! Sessions will include: Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method Loving Your Audience Live Music Makeover: Hands-On Graphing the Perfect Set List and more! Find out how you can be a confident, compelling artist who connects […]

Heads or Tails: Your Career

I’d been invited to go to a showcase – a young girl, great singer, who had spent one day of rehearsal with her band. According to her manager, they were doing four or five songs. And I knew that unless there was a miracle, the planets aligned, it was a magical night, or fate smiled […]

2 Must Haves for Your Music Career

The more I write and speak about building a long-term, successful career in music, the more I find myself returning to two primary “must haves” over and over again. Of course youʼd be correct if you think itʼs impossible to distill whatʼs needed to build your career (and letʼs be real honest, your life) into […]