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Archives for September 2011

Small Stage, Big Responsibility

I had the privilege of speaking at our last Bootcamp on the topic ‘Conquering the Small Stage’. We know that many of you perform solo, with just you and a guitar or one or two other players – probably in an acoustic set-up, on a stage that is physically small as well. Frustrated singers in these […]

Marc Martel of downhere Goes Viral with Freddie Mercury Audition Video

Congratulations to Marc Martel, lead singer for the Christian rock band downhere, on his YouTube video audition for a Queen contest! This week, Roger Taylor of Queen launched a North American talent search offering vocalists and musicians an opportunity to star in “The Queen Extravaganza” – a live touring band that will pay tribute to […]

On Becoming a Student

There are many things which characterize songwriters. Tenacity, a gift for observation and dialogue, a love of language, thick skin… However, I think the most common trait I’ve seen, at least among the best of them, is they’re students of the craft. They may write rock, country, pop, r&b – but you can bet they’re […]

Tom Jackson in Toronto ON on 12/04/11

Register today for this one-time only one-day seminar hosted by Canadian Musician Magazine! Tom will be speaking about his Live Music Methods, showing first hand what a real rehearsal should look like, and helping artists like you discover how you can deliver “moments” that capture and engage. Learn what it takes to build a true […]

Nicole Barron Awarded Top Performer

Congratulations to Canadian Christian artist Nicole Barron for being one of our Top Performers at the last Tom Jackson Bootcamp! Nicole was awarded a half day of rehearsal with a Live Music Producer for her showcase performance of her original song “Let It Rain.” Watch her Bootcamp performance on the video below. But to see […]

Nicole Barron Song & Critique Review Video

Writing a hit song for the radio is difficult; but having a “hit” song for a live show is much easier! Creating a moment is the key. Watch this video to learn about using dynamics to create a moment, and hear from songwriter Rick Elias about using different landing chords for each section of your […]

A Better Way to Bring the Word

Southern Gospel music is steeped in tradition, heart, and of course, the gospel message. It’s a sound like no other genre, has been around for over 100 years, and is still going strong. In Part I of this blog, What Would Southern Gospel Do?, I pointed out some things – good and bad – that […]

The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business

Hi, everyone! My name is Loren Weisman and I am going to be adding a monthly blog to OnstageSuccess.com. I am excited to be a part of this site and hope you will enjoy the blogs. I will be sending a mix of written and video blogs talking about aspects of the music industry with […]

Hey Romeo Named Group of the Year at CCMA

Congratulations to Hey Romeo for winning Group or Duo of the Year at the recent Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA) in Hamilton Ontario! Hey Romeo felt it was a real honor being nominated against such groups as Doc Walker, Emerson Drive, The Heartbroken and High Valley, and they were excited about their win. Stacie Roper, […]

Psychology and Your Audience

Although a country audience is different than a heavy metal audience, which is different than a hip hop audience, which is different than a neo-classical metal punk fusion audience, which is different than….(you get my drift!), the concepts I teach about the live show are the same for every genre. And those concepts are extremely […]