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Archives for August 2011

Mike Averill Song & Critique Review Video

Discover the key to audience participation, and learn the method you should use to make sure it works. In this video, learn Tom’s recommendation for creating anticipation for a story, and about making sure the cool parts of your song are repeated so the audience can enjoy them completely. Backstage Pass VideoBackstage Pass Videos offer […]

You Could Be in the Spotlight

If they could only see you! Let’s face it – people need to see you, hear you, and learn about you, in order for you to have a career in music. In fact, getting good exposure is one of the basics for any business, including the business of being a performer. You need to be […]

Look ’em In the Eye!

Lately, a lot of artists I’ve worked with have emailed me, saying how great the things we developed in their rehearsals are working. That gets me so excited! Just last night I heard from a folk singer who had me come and work with her band. They are ramping up for a big show the […]

Your Chance to Get Onstage

Here is your opportunity to get onstage in front of the industry: managers, producers, radio promoters, booking agents, A&R, publicists, and more! You’ve been working on your music, woodshedding the fundamentals, practicing and rehearsing your live show. You are Backstage reading, watching, and learning… so let us put YOU and YOUR MUSIC in the SPOTLIGHT! […]

The Great Song Paradox

When I work with a singer/songwriter on their show, I’m often dealing with a paradox. They know how to write great material for themselves or others, following the rules for song writing. They’ve indoctrinated themselves and formed their arrangements around the “hit song” writing machine that publishers and record labels have made the focus for […]

Monika Jedrzejek Song & Critique Review Video

Tom shows how to take a cool riff and make the most of it! Use it in the intro, use it in a solo, use it in trade-offs… Watch a demo of how to do a trade-off, and why Tom says that conceptually “guys like guitar riffs and girls like relationships.” Also, in this video […]

Our Backstage Spotlight: Adrienne Osborn

Vocalist/performer Adrienne Osborn is a vocalist of varied styles including rock, jazz, soul, and electronica. Adrienne is also a gifted lyricist and songwriter, as well as a multi-instrumentalist (keys, bass, and percussion). She writes and records original songs, records vocals for musicians all over the US and Europe, and composes music for a film/TV music […]

Female Musician Online Interview – Tom Jackson Part 1 of 4 Video

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Female Musician Online Interview - Tom Jackson

Multiple streams of revenue is the smart way to make it in the music business. A majority of your revenue comes from your live show. Learn about the “streams” of income you can use from your live show to make a living, and about the basics that go into making your live show be the […]

Female Musician Online Interview – Tom Jackson Part 2 of 4 Video

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Female Musician Online Interview - Tom Jackson

Tom talks about “roles” onstage. Just like the roles of the players on a professional ball team, each member of the band needs to correctly fulfill their roles in a band. Also, learn how someone onstage communicates to their audience; and hear Tom’s true story of “dude, it’s me!” This video interview with Vivian Clement […]

Female Musician Online Interview – Tom Jackson Part 3 of 4 Video

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Female Musician Online Interview - Tom Jackson

Part 3 of Tom’s interview with Vivian Clement of Female Musician Online reveals Tom’s teaching about “moments,” musical goulash vs. a fine meal, and having a consistently great live show. Also, learn about keeping your integrity and authenticity as an artist, while at the same time being able to engage your audience emotionally throughout your […]