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Archives for July 2011

Bootcamp Top Performer Finishes Single with Grammy Winning Producer

Nashville based singer/songwriter Tarryn Aimeé Smith just finished recording her single “It’s All In Your Mind” with Grammy winning producer, Mark Heimermann (dc Talk, Michael W. Smith, Jaci Velasquez)! Production of the song was Tarryn’s prize as a winning Top Performer at the fall 2010 Tom Jackson Bootcamp in Nashville. Listen to the results of […]

Talent Contest Gone Crazy

I recently went to hear a friend sing for a competition-by-audience-vote-type gig. The entrants ran the gamut from hippie to country, age 19 to 50-something, and obviously got in the competition just by signing up. No pre-screening process involved for this show. Contestant number one was a keyboard player… very hippie-esk. No shoes. Nice song […]

New Year’s Resolutions in September

My real New Year’s resolutions are made when my kids go back to school. The year begins in September for me! After summer is over, I get motivated, my dreams are rejuvenated, and I make my goals for the year. Maybe you do the same thing. And if you are a musician who plans on […]

Turner Crossing Song & Critique Review Video

In this video, learn how to “work” a song to make it grow both dynamically and visually – give the audience the feeling that you’re in authority onstage! Whether it’s taking control of the intro, proper use of onstage tools, or pouring yourself into the vocals… let the audience enjoy the moments in the song. […]

Our Backstage Spotlight: Raintown

From Glasgow, Scotland to ‘Music City, Nashville, USA,’ Raintown is already creating quite a buzz! Fusing their eclectic musical influences with the roots based instrumentation and conversational writing style of country music, Paul Bain and Claire McArthur of Raintown are a contemporary twist on a country duo. A couple in real life as well as […]

Paradigm Shift Happens

Change is hard. And change is especially hard if you’ve been doing something the same way for 20+ years. But change is the new normal… especially in technology and in the music business. A recent article in The Tennessean caught my eye. It was an interview with Mike Snider, co-head of Paradigm Talent Agency (Dave […]

My Labor of Love

Many of you know I’m writing a book right now (in fact, I’m getting close to being done with the actual writing part of it!). I knew it would give me a chance to put my concepts and principles on paper. But I had no idea how much it would energize me and give me […]

Natalie Nicole Green Song & Critique Review Video

Tom says it’s not song selection, it’s song arrangement. Do not let the song be in control! This is especially important for track artists or anyone who uses tracks. Watch this video of a track artist and hear from the industry panel. Hear artist manager Scott McReynolds talk about your songwriting and why it’s important […]

Tyson Bowman Music Makeover Part 1 of 3 Video

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Tyson Bowman Music Makeover

Watch this video and review the reasons an audience comes to a concert and why rearranging a song is so important to meeting their expectations! Using a microphone stand is a barrier, so learn when you shouldn’t be behind it. And hear Live Music Producer Amy Wolter’s thoughts about closing your eyes while singing. Backstage […]

Kara Aubrey’s Mod Moxie Rock

Southern California artist Kara Aubrey is making her mark on the music world! In describing herself she says she’s ‘like Pat Benatar, Pink and Paramore projecting new moxie – Mod Moxie Rock.’ In 2010 Kara connected with Felipe Soares of Siren Media to produce her music video ‘Save My Heart,’ teaming up with Grammy, Emmy […]