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Tom Jackson in Virginia Beach, VA‎ on 07/19/11

Tom Jackson will again be teaching classes to Army School of Music students and staff as part of the school’s quarterly curriculum.

Tom Jackson's Onstage Success

Tom Jackson Productions wants you to be a great performer with a great show! We want you to create such forward momentum for what you are doing that it is contagious! Our desire is to see you, “the artist,” succeed.

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Greenroom Comments

  1. SUSAN LYONS says:

    My son, Rory Garcia, will be attending the workshop at the Army School of Music! He is an amazing songwriter, guitarist and vocalist! He’s in the group they call Rock Band 2, and they will be performing Rory’s original song for you! He knows of you and is SO excited for the opportunity to work with you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! PS…He LOVES Taylor Swift, although he is technically a classically trained, metal guy! EXCITING STUFF!

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