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Tom Jackson in Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC on 06/25/11

Tom will be teaching panels, helping artists 1-on-1, and doing a Live Music Makeover for all attendees at this Music Business event.

Tom Jackson's Onstage Success

Tom Jackson Productions wants you to be a great performer with a great show! We want you to create such forward momentum for what you are doing that it is contagious! Our desire is to see you, “the artist,” succeed.

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Greenroom Comments

  1. Hey Tom- I just thought I would pop in and say how entertaining and informative your seminar was. Joey and Bee ( the girl you proposed to 😉 ) took the individual class with you as well and came back so pumped and excited. The suggestions you made to re-arrange their song “Changes” are brilliant, and really showcase the girls’ song and talent. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and we hope you find your way back to our island again soon.

  2. Hi Tom, I had the great pleasure of taking in your presentation at the the VIMBC. Not that you would remember this but I bumped into you shortly after the presentation when you are the Westerly Hotel at the reception desk. I came over and told you how thoroughly I enjoyed your presentation and commented on your own personal charisma..(sounds like I’m kissing serious ass, lol)

    I feel like a bit of an ass even asking this….you were recommending 2 DVD’s at the presentation. I believe that you had a special discounted price of $100 for both of them. Is there still a chance of me being able to take advantage of that special VIMBC offer? I don’t want to nickel and dime you especially considering that I was blown away by your work. I’m also not sure what the names of the 2 DVD’s were that you were recommending. Regardless, of this, thank you very much for sharing your experience! Bill

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