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Reaching Boiling Point

Amy Wolter with Boiling Point after the band receives their Top 3 prize at Club 3 Degrees

Kudos to Minnesota-based Christian rock band Boiling Point! They just earned 3rd place in the year-long Band Tournament put on by Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis, MN.

Last fall, Live Music Producer Amy Wolter spent two days working with Boiling Point to improve their live show, and it seems those sessions made a big difference.

After Round 1 of this year’s competition, tournament founders and fans saw such a major change in the way Boiling Point performed over the previous years’ show, they could hardly believe they were watching the same band!

Amy Wolter got to see this performance herself, being one of the tourney judges. (Don’t worry – she voted totally objectively, and is typically MORE critical of bands she’s worked with – PLUS, there were 8 other judges to keep her at bay!)

Amy said of Boiling Point, “They played a gutsy 20 minute set, ending with a very emotional song and lead singer Eric Bjorkland down in front of stage, surrounded by audience members singing with him after the band had faded out. A powerful moment for sure.”

This isn’t the first time Amy has worked with an artist and had it make 180° difference in their performance. Her work with other bands has taken some of them from virtually unknown to a band in demand. Amy’s Live Music Producing techniques are similar for each artist she works with. (Read more about her hands- on work at Does This Stuff Really Work.)

According to Amy, some of the other judges were blown away by Boiling Point’s performance, as most had seen them the year before. “These judges are people that have seen SO many artists over the years and tend to be a bit jaded. But they looked at me after the performance and gave the thumbs up.”

Boiling Point said their bookings have increased as a result of their improved show as well. Way to go, guys!

Tom Jackson

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