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Tom Jackson Team at Indie Ignite Conference July 2011

Learn how to take your live show from good to great!

See Tom Jackson’s Live Music Methods in action as Tom Jackson and his team takes a band through the rehearsal process, showing them how to turn a “radio song” into an engaging musical moment that makes an emotional connection with every person in the audience. This is a “must-see” for anyone serious about their music and their ministry!

Tom Jackson's Onstage Success

Tom Jackson Productions wants you to be a great performer with a great show! We want you to create such forward momentum for what you are doing that it is contagious! Our desire is to see you, “the artist,” succeed.

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Greenroom Comments

  1. Learned somuch from Tom and his team at Indie Ignite 2011. They took a very talented band and a very talented solo artist and took their performance from good to amazing! The tools they offer are priceless, and as a Christian artist I can hardly wait to take the next step forward in moving my shows from a decent performance to an engaging experience. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

  2. A wealth of information! Tom and his team are fantastic at what they do! So glad I got to witness them in action! Thanks guys!

  3. I thought both working with the band and the soloist at Indie Ignite were very well done. You took a great band and made their stage show better. On Friday Amy took a great solo performer and gave her tips on how to improve on stage also. The information presented on both nights was excellent. I saw the performer who Amy worked with on Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville on the Sunday night following the conference. It was really cool to see her implement many of the things Amy did with her at the conference!

  4. I got the DVD it is great thank you.
    This was best money spent in the last seven years of doing music. I had a great time, all the new networking contacts and people I met there, the conference did what it said it going to do, ignite it was. I did not want the days to end. It feels like we all were of one mind. It manifested a new mind in me and the things that the LORD brought forth from each speaker made me go back to the drawing board with new ideas in my songs and writing. The next song you hear from me will be built on what I learn from the conference.

  5. Kepa Freeman says:

    I witnessed Tom Jackson fine tuning a band’s performance at the Indie Ignite Conference in Nashville; July 2011. The band itself was already pretty good in their performance. Great energy, a good balance of unity and independence. Looking at them I just knew there was nothing for him to critique! And then he made them better. I could see the process from a good performance to a great one, and that was just for the intro to the song! This guy is incredible. Truly gifted.

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