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Archives for May 2011

Thinking Rehearsal is Over Before it’s Really Over!

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Mistakes Most Artists Make

I’m often asked what I think the most common mistakes are that artists make in regard to their live show. I wrote about a common mistake last week, which had to do with misunderstanding what spontaneity is. And if Mistaking “Winging It” for Spontaneity is the first mistake musicians make, then the next big mistake […]

Do You Get a Pass?

Some of you know I’m a big sports fan. A few years ago while I was in Atlanta working with an artist, we drove down to see a Braves game. As I walked up to the stadium, a scruffy looking guy came up to me and said “I’ve got a free pass to get in; […]

New Music Seminar LA 2010 Part 1 of 2 Video

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Panel New Music Seminar LA 2010

The video of this panel at New Music Seminar in Los Angeles 2010 (“The Creative Process and Radical Differentiation”) will give you a look at what creative musical professionals think about vision for your show, emotional connection, and “moments” in both songwriting and the live show. Panel host was Jason Bentley (program director KCRW-Santa Monica), […]

New Music Seminar LA 2010 Part 2 of 2 Video

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Panel New Music Seminar LA 2010

In this video, a professional panel discusses what makes a song special and why keeping it simple is sometimes better. Also, hear about the importance of taking risks with your music and with your show. Taped at New Music Seminar in Los Angeles (“The Creative Process and Radical Differentiation”), the panel included host Jason Bentley […]

Tom Jackson Team at Indie Ignite Conference July 2011

Learn how to take your live show from good to great! See Tom Jackson’s Live Music Methods in action as Tom Jackson and his team takes a band through the rehearsal process, showing them how to turn a “radio song” into an engaging musical moment that makes an emotional connection with every person in the […]

There is no Perfect Gig – Keith Richards speaks

We’ve all been there. Your band is doing sound check and there’s a major problem with the room. The sound is bouncing everywhere. Your monitors are acting up and you can’t hear yourself, let alone anyone else. There’s feedback coming from SOMEwhere but your soundman can’t seem to find it. You sigh and think, “Someday […]

Newsboys CD Born Again Reclaims #1 Spot on Charts

After an astounding 44 weeks since its initial release, Born Again, the best-selling project by Newsboys, has once again reclaimed the #1 spot. Born Again was the best-selling album on both the AC and Contemporary Christian Soundscan charts for the week ending May 15th. The CD has produced back to back #1 hit singles with […]

Mistaking “Winging It” for Spontaneity

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Mistakes Most Artists Make

There’s a big mistake that most artists make. I constantly run across this attitude all the time: “Dude, I’ve got to be spontaneous… I can’t rehearse my performance!” Oftentimes my reply to them is “Awesome! If you re-e-e-ally want to be spontaneous, then why don’t you make up the song right in front of the […]

Sometimes We Need to be Reminded

Spending some time in the studio helps me remember… I’m not a big fan of the recording studio. I’ve been traveling this last week (with great beach weather wherever I went, by the way!). First I was in Virginia Beach working with US Army musicians from around the world. Then I headed down to Orlando […]

Get Backstage Soon

Soon you can get exclusive Backstage Access to Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success teaching, and keep your live show moving from good to great to greater! If you’ve been reading Tom’s blogs every week, you know there’s great value in following his teaching. Well, we’re moving our website up a couple of notches – with hours […]