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Tom Jackson in Winnipeg, MB on March 14

Tom Jackson's Onstage Success

Tom Jackson Productions wants you to be a great performer with a great show! We want you to create such forward momentum for what you are doing that it is contagious! Our desire is to see you, “the artist,” succeed.

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Greenroom Comments

  1. Hi Tom,
    I wish there was more time at the seminar and am looking forward to receiving the DVD set.
Watching what you did with the act on Monday was so educational.
“I got it” and used some of what I saw on stage Friday night.
I consider performance, a responsibility to give of your self to achieve an emotional connection with the audience.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Greg KIpling says:

    Hi Tom
    I took in the seminar as well as the two bands you coached on Tuesday.I saw you take some really good songs and arrangements and make them great.It was a treat to see that unfold before my eyes.I look forward to the 3 DVD set so I can get working on my own material right away.

  3. Chris Freeman says:

    Had to try to stay focused on walking carefully on the way out of the Wpg Seminar, so I wouldn’t get hit by a bus when I was crossing the road because I was so engrossed in what Tom said that I wasn’t watching the street lights. Missed a bus and then when I finally got on one, also missed the stop on the way home.
    My bro-in-law, when he came to see us, said a long time ago that we needed to “stretch out some of the good parts” in our set. I wasn’t sure how to do that till now. In 2 hours, Tom helped me figure it out. NOw I know what my bro-in-law was talking about. He was looking for the moments in the songs!
    I can’t wait to get the DVD’s and get a little deeper, but I can’t hardly wait till next practice to put some of my vision together.

    Thanks Tom, I am going to let you know if my song actually kicked a_ _ the way I thought it would.

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