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Archives for July 2009

Me, Myself, and the Audience

Did you take a vacation this summer? I did. First I took some time off with my wife – had a great time on the beach! And last week the whole family spent a few days together, relaxing, enjoying some activities close to home. I had time to do some writing, catch up on some […]

CD Baby Relaunches Website

As an artist, you have the choice of several websites that will sell your CDs and mp3s online; one of these is CD Baby, which recently made some major changes to their site and to the services they offer musicians. If you’ve heard me talk about the five streams of revenue for an artist, you […]

Robert Pierre

Congratulations to Robert Pierre on some great reviews! Robert’s latest album, Identity, was featured in the iPod Picks section in this month’s Essential Connection Magazine with a very favorable review. The reviewer said there was “nothing ordinary about Robert Pierre’s talent” and that Robert “delivers the ballads flawlessly.” This follows great reviews at both WorshipLeader.com […]

Why Don’t They Love Me?

If you are asking the question “why doesn’t the audience love me?” then you’re asking the wrong question! The right question – the one that will make a great music career possible, the one that will make your music gig have some longevity, the one that will help you reach your goals in music – […]

It All Depends

A couple of months ago I wrote about the huge number of CDs I bring home with me after an event where I’ve taught. It’s because a lot of artists at those events hand me their CD and say, “I’d love for you to listen to this and tell me what you think.” So I […]

United Breaks Guitars

Congratulations to Sons of Maxwell on their viral smash hit “United Breaks Guitars!” Dave Carroll, one of the Sons of Maxwell, experienced misfortune with United Airlines’ mishandling of his Taylor guitar. But Dave found a way to voice his frustration by recording the first in a trilogy of songs about the incident. The YouTube posted […]

Push the Envelope

Many of the artists I’ve worked with have two distinct sides to their psyche. One side is creative genius, the other is a person riddled with insecurities. One side dreams of life on stage, and one side is stuck in ‘what-if’ land. What if I take chances and people don’t like it? What if something […]

Jars of Clay

Thank you, Jars of Clay, for your music and your work with Blood:Water Mission! Check out the new video for Jars of Clay’s song “Two Hands” off of their latest album. The video shares footage of the band’s recent journey to Africa as part of their work to help provide clean drinking water to African […]

I Admit It – I Have A Communication Problem!

Have you ever said something that was intended one way, but taken another way? Or explained something very clear to you, yet the person you were speaking to didn’t “get it?” It’s extremely frustrating or maddening when that happens to me with my wife, kids, friends – for me and for them. The irony: sometimes […]

Puerto Rico Trip

Tom spent some time in Puerto Rico the end of June, where he met with a number of concert promoters and producers. Tom JacksonTom is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist’s live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping artists at every level create a live show that is engaging and […]