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Taking Control of the Stage – Beginning with Confidence

This year I’ve been traveling all across the US and Canada and have talked with many artists.  Some of them invited me to see their shows, so when time allowed, I did. If these artists were confident, I’d be impressed.  Well-l-l… don’t get me wrong… they were all good!  But I didn’t see anyone take control […]

Would You Like Fries With That?

I really want you all to succeed!  I want to help you to the best of my ability.  As they say in the south, “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.”….but, one thing I do have, it’s perspective on the live show.  I’ve worked with probably between three and four hundred artists during my […]

5 Onstage Distractions You Should Dump NOW!

When we’re helping artists with their shows, we’re teaching them what to do to make their shows come alive. But at the same time there are things they need to STOP doing as well.  Some performers have developed bad habits over time and don’t even realize they are doing them! Amy WolterAs a trained Live […]

The 3 Reasons Your Audience Goes to Your Show

In the past, I have written about a surefire strategy to get more gigs: no matter who your audience is, you need to Exceed Their Expectations! But, before you can exceed an audience’s expectations, you need to know exactly what they do expect.  You might be surprised to hear what it is… Almost everyone involved (musicians […]

Moments or Musicality?

There is a mindset that we Live Music Producers have to combat when it comes to educating musicians on the importance of a good live show. It’s basically the belief that they must be musically perfect.  Every note correct, every lick and scale stellar, every voice flawless.  And so the artist must stand still with […]

Performers: It’s About Them

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Your Audience: Knowing & Loving Them

For years, people have been asking what (or who) it’s all about. Whether it’s a question of why we go to work, who the best player on the team is, or just generally what life is all about, we want to know what our focus is supposed to be. When it comes to your live […]

Speak the Right Language

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Your Audience: Knowing & Loving Them

An audience goes to a live show to see the artist, the band, the musician – to see people performing live. Maybe that seems obvious to you. But I want you to take a few minutes to really think about what that means. You see, your audience relates to the human side of you. What […]

Your Audience Expects This

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Your Audience: Knowing & Loving Them

Most artists think because they feel the music, hear the lyrics, wrote the songs, picked the songs, love the songs, are emotional about the songs, and are connected to it all… that the audience is as well. That is one of the biggest myths of all time! Nobody could possibly know what you know, see […]

Audiences: Brilliant or Ignorant?

The truth is – both! The people you play for are brilliant about some things, but not knowledgeable (at all) about others. Now before I get into trouble, let me explain that when I say your audience is ignorant, I’m not criticizing them. I just mean that most of them don’t know much about music. […]

When Fear Comes Calling

So many of us experience fear when we step onstage. It comes to each person in varying degrees – from normal run-of-the-mill nerves to all out panic attacks. But where is it really coming from? At the base, we want people to like us of course, and the fear of rejection or not being liked […]