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The Opener

Hey Guys,        Lang Bliss here with Tom Jackson Productions and I have another vlog for you.  I got to work with an artist named Maddie Garcia and her band out in Denver last week, getting them ready for a festival show.  I wanted to do a teaching on how to set up […]

Band Workshop – Fairview Union – Segment 1 of 4

Band Workshop at Tom Jackson’s Bootcamp September 2015 In this segment, Live Music Producers Amy Wolter and Lang Bliss work with Fairview Union during Tom Jackson’s Band Workshop portion of Tom Jackson’s Bootcamp.  This segment is one of four…. Backstage Pass VideoBackstage Pass Videos offer a wide variety of great information that will help you improve […]

Three Things Instrumentalists Can Do (to Create a Better Show!)

     You’ve decided no singers for YOUR band, after all, who wants to deal with those divas anyway, right? They never help set up and tear down! (Kidding….I was a lead singer and I loaded in, loaded out and wrapped cords for days…but I digress.)      You instrumental groups might be asking how […]

Getting Better Gigs!

      I’ve been asked recently, by a singer songwriter; “How do I get better gigs?  I’ve been playing in bars where no one is listening!”      This is a common problem I hear over and over again.  It’s really quite a dilemma and there are numerous suggestions and possibilities, some dependent on […]

 Six Ideas for Your ‘Different’ Moment

     So you get to that fourth song in your set and you’re wondering just what to do to surprise the audience a bit…you need something different.  (See set list blog here) A somewhat ‘left turn’ at this point in your show, will shake things up for the listener. Let me throw you some […]

A Few Words About Rehearsing

     I want to talk about the process of cracking open your songs; creating new arrangements and then working on the movement to help the audience see the music is a lot of work.  But let me just say – that’s really just the beginning.  What I’ve found is that most artists don’t plan enough time for […]

 Transitions: How the Pros Do It

     Once your songs and your set list are in place, the last piece of the puzzle – the finishing touch, the frosting on the cake – is how you transition from song to song.  Many artists get to this point and just wing it, thinking it’s not that important.      Without this […]

Your Audience Isn’t You

     I’m around musicians, singers…artists a lot.  I love them; we’re an interesting breed! One of the things I’ve observed, that’s a plus and a minus at the same time for artists, is their perspective.   They can be extremely gifted in seeing things in a different way than everybody else.  That’s why great music […]

Finding Your Niche

     While walking through the airport recently in Charlotte, NC, I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone playing a grand piano.  His name was Harper Hicks.  After he finished playing some Journey covers, I went over to drop 5 bucks in his tip jar and say hi.       Harper said he loves to […]

Summer Shows, Festivals, and Standing out From the Crowd

     With summer right around the corner, I was thinking about festivals because that’s where a lot of folks are going to be playing.  It could be at a bistro that’s having an outdoor festival, a street festival or a huge festival with big, big stages.       These are the kind of situations […]