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Part 2 – State of the Music Industry and Your Live Show

     You are the character. People come to see people they don’t come to hear just music.      We need to leave space in your show so your personality can come out.  That’s all part of what’s inside your song.  It just needs to be rearranged so your personality can come out and […]

Perspective is Everything

    Have you ever done something that didn’t turn out like you hoped or planned?  Okay, the answer is obvious… “Yes”!  Did you ever have other people come to you and say they had a very different experience of the same thing than you did?        So here’s a question to ask […]

Your Show, Your Vision

     I realize I risk critique from writers everywhere with this blog, in that it goes in many different directions and doesn’t have one specific subject. But, I don’t care.  Fact is, there were so many things touring artists need to be reminded of, that came up in a recent week of rehearsals, that […]

Getting Better Gigs!

      I’ve been asked recently, by a singer songwriter; “How do I get better gigs?  I’ve been playing in bars where no one is listening!”      This is a common problem I hear over and over again.  It’s really quite a dilemma and there are numerous suggestions and possibilities, some dependent on […]

Your Audience Isn’t You

     I’m around musicians, singers…artists a lot.  I love them; we’re an interesting breed! One of the things I’ve observed, that’s a plus and a minus at the same time for artists, is their perspective.   They can be extremely gifted in seeing things in a different way than everybody else.  That’s why great music […]

Finding Your Niche

     While walking through the airport recently in Charlotte, NC, I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone playing a grand piano.  His name was Harper Hicks.  After he finished playing some Journey covers, I went over to drop 5 bucks in his tip jar and say hi.       Harper said he loves to […]

Summer Shows, Festivals, and Standing out From the Crowd

     With summer right around the corner, I was thinking about festivals because that’s where a lot of folks are going to be playing.  It could be at a bistro that’s having an outdoor festival, a street festival or a huge festival with big, big stages.       These are the kind of situations […]

Under Pressure

Hey everybody,       Here’s a blog from an artist I’ve worked with in the past. As I mentioned in my book, there are multiple ways to get prepared to walk on stage and she found her way like this… “This is for all my high strung singers out there. 🙂  I think I need to […]

Don’t Offend Your Audience – Make Your Show Relatable

      Musicians often think that if you actually try to entertain your audience that somehow you’re not really a great musician.        I love great musicians.  I watched a video of one of my favorite artists,  Joni Mitchell from 1979.  She had some great musicians playing in her band: Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays and […]

Tackling the ‘What Ifs’

     No matter how well prepared you are for a gig, there are still going to be things that come up that you need to be prepared for…as best you can.      About a year ago, I remembered a gig I had done years ago, that I had totally forgotten about.  (I think […]