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What Have You Got to Lose?

I get asked all the time what we do and what a Live Music Producer is. And a lot of people who think they know what we do, don’t! We really do two things. We are:

1. A “para-college” organization.

We teach artists how to be onstage performers. Over the years, I’ve developed what I call my Live Music Method; and through workshops, master classes, and DVD products, we teach that Method.

Let’s say you want to be a recording engineer. You go to a place like Full Sail University and spend a year learning. It’s a process of studying, applying, practicing, repeat…(cost: $35,000)

Or you may want to major in Music Business. So you go to a music college for 4 years, and take classes that are a process of studying, applying, practicing, repeat…(cost: $100,000-200,000)

(Did I mention the word “process?”)

I am, by nature, a teacher. I’d love everyone who goes onstage to have the basics, concepts, and principles of my Live Music Methods. That’s why we have DVDs and books that need to be studied, applied, practiced, repeat…

That’s why we teach at events around the world – to expose people to the Method. And it’s why we have our own events in Nashville – to dig deep into those Methods. It’s why I have my Bootcamp events…(cost: $299, with a money-back guarantee!)

The more I’ve done this, the more I’ve understood most artists need hands-on, individual help at some time in their career. So that’s why we are also:

2. Live Music Producers for the live show.

What a record producer does for a recording, we do for a live show.

A record producer helps an artist develop their music in the studio by helping them cast a vision for the album, the songs, and the recording process. A good record producer has a plan, but allows the musicians room to create, and inspires them to make the best recording possible. They gather ideas for the project, select songs and/or musicians, and coach the artist and musicians in the studio.

We do the same for the live show. We help the artist get a vision for who they are and how their show should look. We teach them to understand their audience and have an idea of how to communicate with and respond to that audience. We gather ideas for the project, help select songs and make up the set list, and rearrange the recorded studio versions of songs so they become visually creative “moments” for a live show.

The specifics of the process are a lot harder to describe. How does a record producer explain what he’ll do for you unless you’re in the studio with him? He may have someone use a Neumann U87 to mic vocals; but that’s not the case for everyone, because it’s an individual thing.

But I can tell you a few of the things we look at when we work with artists:

We make sure you have the right songs at the right places in your set. We make sure you’re moving onstage, but you don’t look goofy doing it. We make sure you know how to communicate to zones of the audience, as well as to people in the audience. We help you set up songs verbally, if that’s what the song calls for. We develop specific rhythms, melodies, vocal lines in a song to turn them into memorable moments for your audience.

We do what is needed for your show, whether it’s verbal, visual, or musical, to help you construct the best possible show you can have.

So why would you want our help? Hopefully, because you know the importance of the live show to your career.

Pull the trigger and start with our Bootcamp. What have you got to lose? (I’m serious about the money back guarantee!)


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