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 Transitions: How the Pros Do It

     Once your songs and your set list are in place, the last piece of the puzzle – the finishing touch, the frosting on the cake – is how you transition from song to song.  Many artists get to this point and just wing it, thinking it’s not that important.      Without this […]

Finding Your Niche

     While walking through the airport recently in Charlotte, NC, I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone playing a grand piano.  His name was Harper Hicks.  After he finished playing some Journey covers, I went over to drop 5 bucks in his tip jar and say hi.       Harper said he loves to […]

The Mother of All Gigs…The 4-Hour Set

     Recently an article came through my Facebook feed that caught my attention.  The writer had his theory about why bands are setting themselves up for failure by playing 4-hour bar gigs.  I know there are a lot of you doing this and feel the frustration and pressure of holding an audience’s attention through […]

Tackling the ‘What Ifs’

     No matter how well prepared you are for a gig, there are still going to be things that come up that you need to be prepared for…as best you can.      About a year ago, I remembered a gig I had done years ago, that I had totally forgotten about.  (I think […]


     There’s nothing more frustrating for me than to watch an artist perform…halfway. ‘Kind of’ bringing it. Especially when I know what they are capable of as singers and musicians.      A few months ago I was in the audience at a large banquet where an established gospel singer was the entertainment. She […]

Play the Pauses

So many times when I hear artists perform, I feel like they’re rushing me through the song. There’s no room for me to soak in what I’ve just heard…no room to breathe! Just like pauses in a speech or in comedy are effective, so goes it in music. Sometimes you just want to ‘hang’ a […]

Ed Sheeran Did What?

In this week’s video blog, Amy Wolter discusses a recent performance by Ed Sheeran on Good Morning America. Ed performs with just an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. However, there’s a lot more he could do to use the stage and connect with his audience.  What two things did Ed do wrong in the […]

Help! My Band Doesn’t Get It!

It’s a tough thing when one member of a band is tuned in to the importance of actually ‘performing’ for an audience, but other members of the band aren’t. We invariably run into this a lot, typically because one member of a band, or the artists’ manager has seen what we can do to take […]

3 Keys to Being a Great Singer AND Having a Great Show

Being a great singer doesn’t always equal having a great show. For that matter, having great songs doesn’t necessarily equal a great show either. Being a great singer with great songs? Well, that helps… but it still doesn’t equal a great show! Let me explain why, by telling you about a recent concert review. I […]

Which Comes First – Movement or Song Rearrangement?

Sometimes when people hire us to work with them, they don’t have a full understanding of what we do. They think we’ll just be telling them where to stand on stage or how to hold a mic, or God forbid – dance! While we don’t teach anyone how to dance or do what is considered […]