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     There’s nothing more frustrating for me than to watch an artist perform…halfway. ‘Kind of’ bringing it. Especially when I know what they are capable of as singers and musicians.      A few months ago I was in the audience at a large banquet where an established gospel singer was the entertainment. She […]

Play the Pauses

So many times when I hear artists perform, I feel like they’re rushing me through the song. There’s no room for me to soak in what I’ve just heard…no room to breathe! Just like pauses in a speech or in comedy are effective, so goes it in music. Sometimes you just want to ‘hang’ a […]

Ed Sheeran Did What?

In this week’s video blog, Amy Wolter discusses a recent performance by Ed Sheeran on Good Morning America. Ed performs with just an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. However, there’s a lot more he could do to use the stage and connect with his audience.  What two things did Ed do wrong in the […]

Help! My Band Doesn’t Get It!

It’s a tough thing when one member of a band is tuned in to the importance of actually ‘performing’ for an audience, but other members of the band aren’t. We invariably run into this a lot, typically because one member of a band, or the artists’ manager has seen what we can do to take […]

3 Keys to Being a Great Singer AND Having a Great Show

Being a great singer doesn’t always equal having a great show. For that matter, having great songs doesn’t necessarily equal a great show either. Being a great singer with great songs? Well, that helps… but it still doesn’t equal a great show! Let me explain why, by telling you about a recent concert review. I […]

Which Comes First – Movement or Song Rearrangement?

Sometimes when people hire us to work with them, they don’t have a full understanding of what we do. They think we’ll just be telling them where to stand on stage or how to hold a mic, or God forbid – dance! While we don’t teach anyone how to dance or do what is considered […]

The Grammys: Taking us to Church, to Hell, & to School

The craziness, the cool, and the cringe that is known as The Grammy Awards, was all of that Sunday night. A mix of new and old school, rookies and veterans on that enormous and nerve-wracking stage, shouting everything from, ‘Here I am…like my first hit?’ to ‘Don’t forget me – I made some great music […]

How to Make a Song Better, with a Good Story

Watching Clay Mills co-write a song with some of our Bootcampers last September in front of an audience was fascinating. It made me think how great it would be if every audience member you have could witness this process — see the original ideas thrown around between writers… writing and re-writing lines… hear that melody […]

Top 3 Reasons Your Band Needs Us

I get it. If you’re like most bands out there, you think you already rock. After all, YOU feel it every time you play, right? That surge of adrenaline, that euphoric feeling music gives you. But, are you really paying attention to the crowd to see if THEY are feeling it too? The Tom Jackson […]

The 1 Thing a CD Can Never Contain

Performing artists still have it… that 1 thing. Something a CD can’t contain. It can’t be duplicated, digitized, or downloaded. And you can only get it if you’re in the same room. The Booming Concert Industry Catching up on my reading on a recent long flight, I grabbed an article that caught my eye in […]