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Olympic Stage, Your Stage – Part 6

Band TeamAny great team has a game plan, knows their role, and plays together well! That was evident as our neighbor to the north, Canada, won the gold in both men and women’s hockey at the Olympics.

Team sports, like hockey, is a lot like being in a band – it’s not difficult for me to draw an analogy from sports to music (as anyone who knows me well can attest to).

I’m assuming if you are going to play on the Olympic hockey team, you know how to skate, shoot, and so on. (Just like a musician knows how to play & sing.)

And all the players on the top teams in the Olympics are world class.

But if there is a break down in the roles of those players, or they don’t work together as a team, they won’t win. Russia’s hockey team was certainly one of the 3 best teams in the Olympics, talent wise. But they didn’t play well together.

Most great bands play well together musically. But oftentimes what they do onstage doesn’t visually make sense to an audience. There’s a lot of misdirection. So they don’t have the impact they could have.

I’ll say it again: Any great team has a game plan, knows their role, and plays together well.

So do you have a game plan (a vision for your show) and are you together (both musically & visually)?

Want to read more about bands and team playing? If you have a Backstage Pass, you can check out this video of Tom talking about the roles of a band, or his blog on “The NFL Doesn’t Leave it to Chance” – Backstage Pass required…


Tom Jackson

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Series - Olympic Stage, Your Stage

Greenroom Comments

  1. I need to focus on my game plan with the vision and music!

  2. I love your comparisons between the Olympics and performing. You are also great at identifying possible problems without giving any solutions for free. I am gonna have to get the DVD set soon.

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