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Archives for August 2013

Make a Connection, Share Your Life: Rev K in the Spotlight

Rev K, singer/songwriter from Wetaskiwin Alberta, plays a mixture of folk, country, and blues. A solo act, he plays guitars, harmonica, and sings with a style of his own. His love is to share his music with others. But in sharing his music, he’s actually sharing pieces of his own life. In his own words, […]

What You See is What You Get

If you filmed your next show, and then had some people judge your performance by watching it with the sound off, would they say you are a good band or a bad band? I can almost hear the ‘it’s all about the music’ crowd now, scoffing at this. Well, it’s time for a reality check. […]

Conquering the Small Stage Workshop Part 2 of 3 Video

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Conquering the Small Stage Workshop

No matter how many times you read Tom’s book or hear him speak, it helps to have real examples of his Method! Here’s another opportunity to learn by watching. In part 2 of this helpful workshop session done at Indie Connect, our Live Music Producers do a live music makeover on singer/songwriter Neal Hager. As you […]

Conquering the Small Stage Workshop Part 1 of 3 Video

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Conquering the Small Stage Workshop

  Everyone has likely encountered the small stage when they perform – and it seems the limitations are too many! But instead of looking at the negatives, you need to learn to see & take advantage of all the possibilities there are in an intimate setting. There are techniques you can employ to make your […]

Stage Banter: 5 Places in Your Show You Should Talk

Working on the music, the visual, and most of the transitions for a show usually takes up most of a rehearsal time. So when I first started working with artists on their live show, and we’d get to places where the front man needed to introduce the band, tell a story, do a song intro […]

Back to School

I’m a teacher at heart. Nothing thrills me more than to know I’ve shared good information in a useable way to help someone succeed. This time of year, seeing everyone go back to school, it reminds me just how much I enjoy teaching a room full of singers and musicians. When I meet talented, emerging […]

To Do and To Don’t

I am frequently asked to write a list of things an artist can do to make a great live show. The trouble is, I often think that might look a little over-simplified… like learning how to perform onstage consists of “5 easy steps.” When you learned how to play your instrument, did your teacher give […]

Time to Shine: Dawn King Inspires

When it comes right down to it, Dawn King‘s life is a love story. Her tale is one filled with a love for life, a love for family and friends, and a type of love that is sadly missing in many people’s lives: self-love. But one of the most meaningful aspects of this love story […]