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I teach all over the world, and besides coming home with 100s of CDs, I constantly get asked to watch the artist perform at the event where I am. But I can’t.

For example, New Music Seminar (where in 1984 I saw Madonna, They Might Be Giants, and Shawn Colvin) has about 1500 artists attending. I see 2 or 3 of those bands. At Canadian Music Week, because of meetings and teaching schedule, I might get out to see 2 or 3 of the 600 artists who are there.

But I figured out a way to solve the problem so I can see and hear more artists! If you want me to see you perform, come to my Bootcamp. Perform for me and a few other industry people. Let me see what you’ve really got!

Can I be bold? We get dozens of questions a week – how do I construct a set list, how can I be more confident onstage, how do I create the moments you’re talking about on your DVDs, how do I make music my career? You need to come to the Bootcamp and get those questions answered.

Our workshop alumni have gone on to open for major tours like Winter Jam (audiences of 10,000 a night), received standing ovations on European tours, signed to record labels, and recorded with Grammy winning producers!

You found it important enough to record a CD, create a website, and buy equipment – you need to invest in this part of your career, too.

In this New Music industry, your live show is critical to your success. At the New Music Seminar in New York City, I was on a panel with Little Steven (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band), Just Blaze (record producer), and Billboard editor Bill Werde.

Our panel discussed the live performance and differentiating yourself from others. Just Blaze said “if you don’t have a tight stage show…you might as well give it up!” Watch this video and listen to Little Steven’s thoughts about the prioritization of the live show, and how Bill Werde says it all comes back to “differentiation:”

Tom Silverman (New Music Seminar and TommY BoY: Everlast, Queen Latifah, De La Soul), said “As the music business shifts importance from records to live shows, Tom Jackson’s no-nonsense, spot-on live performance advice is no longer optional…it is mandatory. Seeing a performance from the point of view of a non-fan with the objective of turning them into real fans is the genius of Tom Jackson.”

If you come to the Bootcamp and feel like we haven’t exceeded your expectations, I’ll give your money back.

I don’t need you to be there for me – I have enough work around the world to keep me busy. But I want to help you. So come and show me whatcha got!

Tom Jackson

Tom is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist's live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping artists at every level create a live show that is engaging and memorable, teaching them to exceed their audiences' expectations and to create fans for life. Tom has taught indie and major artists of every genre. He has worked with Taylor Swift, Le Crae, Home Free, The Tenors, Shawn Mendes, The Band Perry, Francesca Battistelli, Jars of Clay, & many more. Tom also teaches at colleges, conferences and events worldwide.

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Greenroom Comments

  1. Saw you at The Objective, would love to have the opportunity to do a boot camp and work with you in NJ, NY or PA

  2. Like Bruce said: “I would love come to a Tom Jackson bootcamp – or even arrange for a day with my band. But to be honest, we are unlikely to trek out to Nashville.” Please schedule a bootcamp on the East Coast, in the New York Area, near where my band is based. I’ll even help you promote it!

  3. I would love come to a Tom Jackson bootcamp – or even arrange for a day with our band. But to be honest, we are unlikely to trek out to Nashville. Please schedule a bootcamp on the West Coast, either the Bay Area, where our band is based, or perhaps Los Angeles. I’ll even help you promote it!

    • Jodi Marcum says:

      Bruce, we would love to be able to travel with our Bootcamp and share the information all over the world! However, it would be prohibitively expensive for us to export the Bootcamps, traveling our team, finding and paying for venues and all other expenses, doing advance work from a distance,…the list goes on and on. That’s why we try and keep our workshop cost as low as we can for you, and why we offer the early bird special for such a long time – we know you’ll have some travel expense to come to Nashville. We’re hoping some of you will want to come to the Music City for more than our Bootcamp (maybe some recording, networking,…even performing at a local venue or nearby)!

      In the meantime, Tom and his associate Live Music Producers are busy teaching seminars and workshops around the U.S. and Canada. Keep an eye on our weekly emails and our calendar page for those events, too.

  4. As I have stated many times for several years: Learning what Tom Jackson Group Teaches is the most important investment an artist/band can make.

    Without proper guidance, one can seldom back up a big truck to perfectly connect the ball on truck to receiver on trailer. The truck driver needs guidance even though he/she may be a great vehicle driver.


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